15 Reasons That Will Prove The Importance of Education

As rightly said by Nelson Mandela- Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world. Yes, indeed it is. An education man is the most respected man in the society. If you are educated, you know, how important it is to be educated in life, and you can surely distinguish yourself from others. There are many reasons that will explain how important it is to be educated. In olden days, people who weren’t educated somehow managed their living, and even today a lot of people do that. India has a literacy rate of 74% which has improved over time. There are few reasons, which will explain how important education is in today’s world.

Here is a list of 15 Reasons that will prove the Importance of Education

15. It spares you from the social embarrassment

If you are standing in a group of people, and you know nothing, you will surely be embarrassed. The people around you, might not make you feel embarrass, but you yourself might embarrass yourself, by not knowing anything. Hence education plays a great role here.

14. It helps you think logically

Being educated is important, as it helps you in thinking logically. As when you are educated you know and understand things better and then you are also capable of reasoning things by thinking of logics.

13. Avoids your mind from blindly following superstitions

India is country, which is rich in its cultural and also a blind follower of religion and superstitions. If a person in that case is educated will not just follow the beliefs, but rather will look for reasons and explanations and will then believe it, if it satisfy his mind.

12. Gives exposure to the outside World

Education helps in knowing a lot of different things from across the world. It helps in knowing other places, other religions, other beliefs more properly and hence in the end you can find your own views about it because you know everything.

11. Helps you know your rights

Knowing the rights are very important in today’s society. Right to free speech, right to education and other rights that the constitution has made for the people, it is important to understand them and know it properly.

10. You use your own mind at difficult situations

A person, who knows the world around can easily manage difficult situations, by using their mind and not relying on others for help.

9. It embraces ethical values

An educated person, knows the ethics and also knows how to behave in the society, which is very important. Ethics forms the base of a persona and education is the seed to that base.

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8. Helps you in adapting new technologies

Education helps in understanding modern technologies, as a person will use his or her mind and will adapt to different changes and technologies that are around him.

7. Helps you evolve and grow culturally

Knowing your culture is important. And there is no better way to know it is without educating yourself. Every place has a different culture and if you believe in what others say, and then you might be fooled, hence educate yourself and understand things by yourself.

6. It helps in the Economic Growth of the Country

An educated country is developed country as the people helps in the economic growth of the nation. Hence, it is your right to give the country back something, and the best way is to give something back is by education.

5. Helps you become Independent

An Educated person is independent. He doesn’t have to depend on anyone for work or for anything and can easily find his way out. Hence, if you believe in being independent then get educated.

4. It keeps you happy

When in a crowd, you know things, it makes you feel proud of yourself and also makes you happy as you are not the one who is quiet and embarrassed. You know things that you should know and you can talk in front of people.

3. Makes you creative

Yes, it helps a person become creative as if you are educated you think, and lot of ideas comes your mind, which makes you creative in a lot of ways.

2. It boosts your confidence

An educated person is a confident person. If you are educated, and you know what to speak and when to speak, then you speak confidently, which is very important.

1. It broadens your horizons

Education helps a person in widening the horizons of a person. It allows you think and not follow the herd, hence making your thoughts grow.

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