15 Interesting Facts About United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is actually a sovereign state that can be found in the continent of Europe. This is an extremely beautiful place that is composed of several nations such as England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. If you don’t know much things about this place, here are 15 interesting facts about United Kingdom that you should know:

15. The United Kingdom cannot import haggis to the United States of America

It is simply because the US government confirmed that sheep lungs are dangerous to humans when consumed. This is why importing haggis is made an illegal thing in the US.

14. The United Kingdom is the home of origin of the very popular drink known as champagne

It was way back in the year 1662 when champagne was invented in England. The brilliant inventor of this famous and delicious drink is and English scientist named Christopher Merret.

United Kingdom

13. Different languages are spoken in the United Kingdom

If you think that only English language is spoken here, then think again. In fact, in the city of London alone, there are more than 300 languages that are spoken every single day. What is interesting about it is that there are no countries worldwide where people speak in 300 different languages.

12. Soccer or football originates in UK

It was invented in the beautiful country of England by the Anglo-Saxon farm workers. These workers once plowed the field and excavated a Danish warrior’s skull. Since these people hated the Danes so much, they thought of kicking the skull to their enjoyment. This was how football formed. In fact, the very first name of the sport was “kicking the Dane’s head”.

11. Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of the United Kingdom

Currently, Queen Elizabeth is 89 years old, and she was born on April 21, 1926 in Mayfair, London. What is very interesting about her is that she does not go for a travel without her own feather pillows and her toilet seat. Moreover, she can travel anywhere without a passport in hand.

10. Golf was invented in the United Kingdom

This sport was particularly invented in St. Andrews in Scotland. It was way back in the year 1457 when this sport was firstly played. Today, it is the national sport of Scotland.

9. Robin Hood came from the United Kingdom

Even for a fact that Robin Hood was never proven to be a real person, it was said that his homeland is the United Kingdom. For those who don’t know, Robin Hood is a famous character in the English folklore.

8. UK is the homeland of the author of the very controversial and best-selling novel, Fifty Shades of Grey

This famous British author is none other than E. L. James, who was born with the real name of Erika Mitchell.

7. UK is home for the oldest record store the world has to offer

This record store was founded way back in the year 1894 in the capital city of the beautiful country, Wales. The name of this record shop is Spillers Records.

6. The tallest building in Europe can be found in the United Kingdom

This building is none other than The Shard, which has a highness of 1,107 feet. The construction of such building was completed last 2012, and it is standing in the progressive city of London.

5. UK is home for the oldest cheese in the entire world

The name of this cheese is Cheshire, and this is already used as food ingredient since the Roman times.

4. Drinking alcohol in UK for minors is legal

highest consumption of alcohol

However, drinkers must be above 5 years old. They are allowed to drink but only in private premises like in their house.

3. UK requires passport for horses

Arabian Horse

This is called horse passport. Such passport must also be acquired for donkeys and ponies.

2. Slavery used to be a criminal offense in UK

The law behind this criminal act was legalized way back on April 6, 2010.

1. The United Kingdom is smaller compared to a certain US state

This state is none other than Oregon.

These are the 15 interesting facts about United Kingdom that you should keep in mind. There are actually some more interesting things about the place, which will surely surprise you.

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