10 Interesting Facts About Lord Jagannath Temple

Odisha is a small state in the Eastern region of India which is quite famous all over the world owing to the popular Lord Jagannath temple in Puri. The name of the Puri is the land of Lord Jagannath which is also renowned for its yearly Ratha Yatra.

Lord Jagannath Temple is also one of the 4 dhams which a Hindu have to visit once in their lifetime for sure. Several devotees from all over the world visit this temple for getting the blessings of the Lord Jagannath. The extraordinary Jagannath temple (also known as Shrimandira) was constructed in the year 1078.

There are numerous facts about this temple which make it unique from the other temples. The below is the list of ten interesting facts about Lord Jagannath temple:

Jagannath Temple

10. Current structure of the Jagannath temple is quite dissimilar from the early design

The structure of the Sri Jagannath Temple of Puri which we see today is quite dissimilar from the original temples. This temple was earlier built by the Chola kings, the Meghanada Pacheri, Nata Mandapa and Mukhasala. Later the other properties of the Temple were built by other monarchs governing the region at that time period.

9. Ritual followed is older than numerous civilizations

Every day a priest climbs up the roof of the temple that stances as high as forty-five floors building and he changes the temple’s flag. From the past 1800 years, this ritual has been followed. It is also believed that if any day the temple’s flag is not changed then the temple has to close for the next eighteen years.

8.  Huge Chakra

A huge Sudarshan Chakra is also mounting at the top region of the temple which is at the height of 20 feet and weighs around a ton. This chakra is said to be noticeable from every single angle of the Puri city. It is mounted in such a manner that you will feel that it is in front of you regardless of any place. No single person identifies the method of that in what way the Chakra was fitted. It was carried upward and set up over the gopuram around 2000 years back. The manufacturing skills utilized during that time still continue to be a mystery till today.

7. Reverse pattern followed by the Sea

On any region of the earth, during the daytime the breeze through the sea reaches the land and during the evening, opposite thing happens. On the other hand, in the sea nearby the temple, it is detected that it works reversely.

6. Nothing flies over the temple

This is a shocking revelation that nothing flies over the Lord Jagannath temple i.e. no airplanes, no birds, nothing. But, there is no technical clarification for this up till now.

5. A manufacturing wonder

The Lord Jagannath temple is built in such a manner that the main dome of the temple’s shadow cannot be seen at any specified period. This is also a kind of miracle.

4. Secret of the Prasadam

The countless number of devotees from all over the world visit the Lord Jagannath  temple in a single day which may range from 2000 to 20,00000 but the quantity of the Prasadam prepared in this temple remains just the similar all over the year and it never goes wasted or insufficient. This prasadam is prepared in the pots with the help of firewood. Daily seven pots are placed on top of each other. Unexpectedly, the pot at the top is prepared first and then all the bottom pots get ready.

3. The mystery behind Simhadwaram

You will find an ocean nearby the Lord Jagannath temple. As soon as you enter the Simhadwaram (main entrance) of this temple, you will noticeably hear the ocean’s sound. Now when you crossed the Simhadwaram, just have a turn and take a walk back in the similar direction from where you came, you will not hear the sound of ocean till you get out from the temple.

2. The Yearly Chariot Carnival

An annual Chariot Carnival is held at the Puri which is executed along with two groups of chariots (i.e. three in every single set). Since there is a waterway flowing among the Mausi Maa temple and the Jagannatha Temple, the 1st group of chariots will bring the god towards the river. Then the idols will be carried through the river with the help of three wooden made boats and then positioned in the 2nd group of chariots for the MausiMaa temple destination.

1. Mystery about the flag

The top interesting fact about the Lord Jagannath temple is the flag which is mounted at the top of the temple. This has been seen that this flag of the temple constantly flaps in the way reverse the course of flow of the air.

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