15 Interesting Facts About Asia You Probably Don’t Know

Asia is the biggest continent in the world in terms of land area. It exactly measures 44,579,000 square kilometers, which is way bigger and wider compared to some other world continents. Asia is a very beautiful continent, and this can be confirmed by the great numbers of tourists who come within the continent every single day. Moreover, here are 15 interesting facts about Asia that you should know:

1. Most varied landscapes are available in Asia.

Although there are also varied landscapes that can be found in some other continents, the most varied ones can surely be located within Asia. In fact, Asia is considered to be the home of lowest and highest points earth has to offer. The lowest point is the Dead Sea that has 997 feet deepness, while the highest point is the Mount Everest that has 29,029 feet highness.

2. Asia is the home of oldest human civilizations

Ancient religions and cultures can be traced in Asia, and this is a great sign of early human civilization. Good example is the Sumer civilization that was traced in Mesopotamia. 7000 years ago, this civilization was still active. Another example is the Indus Valley civilization that was traced in India.

3. Endangered Animals Can Be Abundantly Found in Asia

It is simply because Asia is blessed with extremely abundant nature and environment. This is the reason why it is the favorite habitat of a number of endangered animals like Asian elephant, Komodo dragon, Indian rhinoceros, and giant panda.

4. Asia is home for several most populated cities in the world

In fact, out of the 10 most populated cities the world has to offer, seven of them can be found in the continent. These are the cities of Delhi, Guangzhou, Mumbai, Karachi, Istanbul, Beijing, and Shanghai.

5. Asia has the most number of population than the combined number of population of the 6 remaining world continents.


This is how populous the continent is. In fact, 2 of the most populated nations in the world can be found in the continent, and these are India and China.

6. Asia has the highest life expectancy, surpassing those in the United States.

The countries in Asia that have higher life expectancy rate are Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. In fact, the average life span of Japanese men is 85 years, and 87 years for Japanese women.

7. Asia is home of tallest buildings in the world.

In fact, nine of the ten tallest buildings the world has to offer today can be found in the continent. The tallest one is the Burj Khalifa, which is located in the progressive city of Dubai.

8. Largest shopping malls can be found in Asia.

The largest one is built in Dongguan, China and this is none other than New South China Mall. The entire area of such mall measures 659,612 square meters. It can accommodate as much as 2,350 stores.

9. The 2nd oldest people the world has to offer can be found in Asia.

It is particularly in the country of Japan. 44.6 years old is the median age of the people living in Japan. The number of individuals in Japan who are currently 100 years old and above is around 50,000.

10. Asia is the number one producer of mango in the world.

It is all thanks to the large plantations of mangoes in India. No other countries in the world that can match to the production of mangoes in India.

11. Asia is home for a country that totally bans the existence of tobacco.

This particular country is none other than Bhutan. It is under the Tobacco Control Act. Anyone who disobeys the law will be imprisoned 3-5 years.

12. Asia sells canned fresh air.

The idea of selling canned fresh air was authored by a Chinese entrepreneur named Chen Guangiao. This is all because of the higher rate of air pollution existing in China.

13. New-born babies in Asia are dropped from a 50-foot tower.

This tradition is done by Muslims living in Solapur, India. This is done to give good luck to the newborns.

14. Unique sports originated in Asia

One of these very unique sports is the goat grabbing or the so-called buzkashi. It’s actually the Afghanistan’s national game.

15. Being fat is a crime in a certain country in Asia.

This is under the Metabo Law initiated by the government officials in Japan.

These are the 15 interesting facts about Asia. For sure, these facts have surprised you.

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