10 Things Indian Aunties Don’t Shy Away From Saying

It’s a known fact that Indian women are loud, and as they grow older, they tend to get bolder. Whether you’re an Indian or you’re visiting this country as a tourist, here are a few things you should prepare yourself for.

#10. The Stare

stare aunty

We’ve all had one of these from the loving aunties who live in our neighborhood. The staring is an obvious indication that they’ve got some gossip to cook up. You usually get this stare when you’re wearing something out of your comfort zone, coming in rather late at night or you’re spotted with the other sex.

#9. Overflowing Emotions


If there’s one thing our Indian aunties don’t shy away from, it’s showing their emotions. Their cries are loud and clear, and you can hear them from a mile away. It’s not always a sad occasion that you’d see the tears flow. In fact, it’s most often seen at weddings.

#8.  Showing Off Assets

Our aunties love to show off. If their husbands got them a new piece of jewellery, they will talk about it, if they bought a new car, it’s going to be the next hot topic for a week and if their children graduated from the best college in the city, you might have to hear about that for a month at least.

#7. Street Shopping Dilemmas


If you’ve ever gone street shopping with an aunty, you’ll know what we mean. They can tip the waiter at a 5 star Rs. 500/ but they won’t budge on an item they want to buy from a street vendor even for Rs. 10. These bargains can get quite vocal, so if you’re out shopping – Beware.

#6. Cook It Up

It’s no secret that Indian women love to cook, so if you’re visiting your dearest aunty for dinner, prepare to hear about the history of the meal prepared, how it was made and all the secret ingredients added. Remember, although the recipe is being shared with you, there are ALWAYS ingredients missing.

#5. Connecting With Relatives

If you’ve returned to India after a few years of staying abroad, prepare to face hours of telephonic conversations with distant relatives you haven’t met in ages. These calls are not made so you can reconnect with them as much as to rub it in their face that you visited a ‘foreign’ country.

 #4. Get Personal


Indian aunties don’t shy away from asking you personal details like your salary, whether you’re dating and if you are is the girl from the same community and the most annoying question about marriage. Indian women find it hard to digest that any man or woman over the age of 25 years remains single. If you’re 25 plus and single, you will be bombarded with the marriage question.

#3. Love Life Gossips

indian aunties image credit: flickr.com

This is by far one of the hottest topics for every Indian aunty. Every time a girl or a guy from the locality walks in with the other sex, there’s got to be gossip. If you’re spotted more often with a particular girl or boy, you are both tagged as a couple. They don’t need to know the truth behind your relationship (If there is one). As long as you are spotted with someone, they have something to talk about.

#2. Horoscope Works For Everything


If you ever tell an aunty about your problems, love life, personal or professional they have one solution for it – Horoscope! Astrology works for everything. Don’t eat non vegetarian food on Tuesdays, is one of the most popular statements any aunty will make when advising you on how to improve your situation.

#1. The ‘Evening’ Walk Talks

How can anyone ignore the group of aunties in their salwar kameez outfits wearing their sports shoes all geared up for their evening walks which are more of talks. All discussions regarding how their maid ditched them today to how unreliable their husbands are and how late their children got home last night are only a few of the hot topics these aunties love to talk about. They also enjoy talking about the aunty who couldn’t make it for her walk today.

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