Top 10 Most Popular Hill Stations Near Delhi

The Capital City of India, Delhi, has a various tourist attractions, but there are various places near Delhi where you can visit. Those beautiful Hill Stations in the North, which are really easy to reach from Delhi, are just remarkable.

Here is a list of top ten Hill Stations Near the Capital city, where you can go one the weekend, relax, rejuvenate yourself and again get back to your daily work. It is a great getaway, with family members or friends or alone, if you want some ‘you’ time. Mentioned below is the list of top ten Hill Stations

10. Palampur


It is approximately 494 kilometers from Delhi, and has an altitude of 1,472 kilometers above the sea level in Kangra Valley in Himachal. Surrounded by Pine tress, this hill station is also called as the ‘tea capital’ of the North India. There are fresh water flowing rivers from the mountains is just beautiful to look at. It is a very beautiful place and there are many places where you can see in this hill station such as Saurabh Van Vihar, Devi LattoJakhni’s temple and many more interesting and beautiful attractions.

9. Kufri


Approximately 380 kilometers from Delhi, this beautiful hill statin is a part of Himachal Pradesh. With an altitude of 2,743 meters above sea level, it has a beautiful wildlife such as Antelopes, Felines and various beautiful birds. There are various adventurous sports in Kufri such as Trekking, mountain climbing and etc. There are many tourist attractions as well that includes Mahasu Peak, Chini bungalow, Kufri Fun World and the tourist park.

8. Chail


350 kilometers from Delhi, Chail is another hill station located in Himachal. It is 50 kms from Simla, and is a beautiful getaway from the bust and noisy life style. The place is calm, with amazing scenic beauty and it is also the hikers paradise. Located 2250 meters above sea level, this place is worth a visit and the sunrise and sunset here are worth watching.

7. Mukteshwar


Approximately 330 kms from Delhi and 2285 meters above the sea level, this beautiful hill station is near Nainital, Uttarakhand. It is also famous for various temples and there are various attractions for tourists, which includes Orchards of Central Institute of Temperature horticulture-Regional Station, snow=peak views and the amazing wildlife where you can easily witness tigers and bears.

6. Solan

Approximately 305 kilometers from Delhi, and 1600 meters above the sea level, Solan is a 45 kms from Simla. This place produces tomatoes in a huge number and hence is also called as the city of Red Gold. There are various tourists’ attractions in this place, which will interest you.

5. Kasauli


Approximately 295Kms from Delhi, it is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, and has an altitude of 1927 meters from the sea level. The climate here is always pleasant and there are various tourist attractions here, which includes: Christ Church, Manki point, Kasauli Brewery, Kasauli club and many other attractions.

4. Mussoorie


It is a very known Hill Station, 284kms from Delhi, with an altitude of 1880 meters; it has beautiful flora and fauna. The Hill Station has many attractions that include Bhatta Falls, Lake mist, Municpal Garden, Cloud End, and many more beautiful attractions.

3. Ranikhet


Approximately 280Kms from Delhi, it is 1869 meters above the sea level. It is situated in the Uttarkhand, in the Almora District. The best time to visit this place is between March-October, as the temperature is very pleasant and there is a lot of greenery, which makes the place,looks more beautiful. There are various attractions in this place, which includes Army Museum, Ram Mandir, Jhula Devi temple and many other attractions.

2. Nahan


This hill Station is approximately 262Kms from Delhi and is 932 from the sea level. There are various attractions here, and it is a very calm and a peaceful place to spend a relaxing holiday. The climate is always pleasant here and it is the most nearest hill station from Delhi and is a perfect getaway.

1. Nainital


Approximately 276kms from Delhi, this beautiful hill station is a famous hill station and is known by all. The climate is always pleasant here and there are several tourist attractions here, which you will love.

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