10 Interesting Facts About Pakistan That You Don’t Know

Pakistan is a Muslim nation that is specifically located in the South Asia region. When it comes to land area, it is in the 36th place as the world’s largest nation having the total area measurement of 340,509 square miles. Historically, this country was once ruled by different dynasties and empires like Mongol Empire, Mauryan Empire, British Empire, Sikh Empire, Durrani Empire, and the Mughal Empire. Just like any other countries, Pakistan has a lot of interesting facts that are worth-knowing.

In this regard, here are 10 facts about Pakistan that you don’t know:

10. Highest Mountain

Pakistan is the cradle of the highest mountain ranges the world has to offer. Good examples are the Hindu Kush range and the Himalayas. In the Hindu Kush range, four of the world’s highest peaks can be found. Moreover, Pakistan is also where you can find the 2nd highest peak in the entire world.

9. Greatest Sea Port

Gwadar sea port is the greatest sea port in the world, situated at the South Western Arabian Sea, with the shore range of Baluchistan, Pakistan. This particular port is regarded as a life-line in the area’s economy. Pakistan decided on cooperation with China to change Gwadar into a complete industrial port.

8. Greatest International Highway

Pakistan hosts one of the “Eight Wonders of the World”. It is none other than the Karakoram Highway. It is a national highway that connects Pakistan and China. At 15,397 feet height, this road was constructed, and it is now serving thousands of vehicles.

7. 2nd Biggest Salt Mine

The world’s 2nd biggest salt mine is located in Pakistan, which is none other than Khewara Salt Mines. This is also the oldest salt mine that can be found in the country. The day of existence of Khewara Salt Mines can be traced back in 320 B.C., and this was the time when Pakistan was ruled by Alexander the Great.

6. The Biggest Deserts

Within the boarder line of India and Pakistan, Thar Desert can be found. This is actually the 9th biggest sub-tropical desert in the entire world. Historically, it was very important to the people who lived during the Indus Valley Civilization since it served as their main source of water. Experts said that it is already on its 10,000 years of existence.


5. Greatest Polo Area

The world’s highest polo field can be found in Pakistan, particularly in the city of Gilgit. Its total height is 12,200 feet, causing it to be branded as the “Roof of the World”. Polo teams of Chitral and Gilgit are having a polo match in this field every single year. This event is one reason why local and foreign people come to the country.

4. Biggest Irrigation Network

Pakistan is where you can find the biggest irrigation network in the entire world. The total measurement of the cultivated land it serves is around 14.4 millions. There are 3 main storage reservoirs in this irrigation network, and these are the Mangla located on the River Jhelum, the Chashma located on the River Indus, and the Tarbela. The main source of water in this irrigation system is the Indus River.

3. Biggest Ambulance Network

Pakistan hosts the biggest ambulance network in the world. It can be found in the Edhi Foundation, which also the largest social welfare organization that is a non-profit one. Abdul Sattar Edhi was the one who established this particular foundation, which offers free services regarding medical and healthcare matters. The ambulance vehicles it has are available anytime through its 24-Hour Emergency Services.

2. 1st Nuclear Islamic Nation

Way back on May 28, 1998, Pakistan was able to acquire its own nuclear weapon, which was then first ever in the entire Islamic nations. This kind of nuclear weapon has been developed in order to protect the country and its people from the enemies.

1. Major Footballs Provider

Pakistan is a country that is famous in manufacturing sports equipments like the footballs. The manufacturing actually takes place in the small city of Sialkot. Hand-stitched footballs, which are used in football matches all over the world, are manufactured here. NASA can confirm the highest quality of these footballs.

These are the 10 facts about Pakistan that you don’t know. Truly, Pakistan is a very interesting country that deserves to be recognized.

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