10 Interesting Facts About Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is one of the top Bollywood actresses who is currently working in the Hindi movies industry. She is also recognized as the “Female Khan” of the Bollywood industry who can rule the box office alone with her impressive acting skills and successful movies. In addition, she is also one of the quite few top ladies in the Hindi films for the past decades that succeeded to turn into an A-list heroine without working with any of the Khans or under the name of big production houses.

Kangana Ranaut has also received the third National Award in her career in recent times. She is also being part of the headlines in the media due to her involvement in an obnoxious legal fight with the Bollywood actor Mr Hrithik Roshan. Furthermore, her previous boyfriend Mr Adhyayan Suman has also made some shocking accusations regarding the diva in the entire media for the sake of publicity. But, this does not affect the stardom of the actress at all. The following are the top ten facts about Kangana Ranaut which will let you know more about her:

Kangana Ranaut

10. Early lifein Theatre

Kangana begins her career by acting in the theater at Delhi accompanied by the Asmita Theatre Group before she got her first movie (Gangster) released in the year 2005. She also took part in the theater workshop by the director Mr Arvind Gaur in the India Habitat Centre as well as performed in numerous plays. The first play of Kangana was “Taledanda”with Arvind gaur.

9. Education life

At present, sheishaving a course of script writing in the New York City and also wrote the famous dialogues of her super hitmovie i.e. Queen. Despite the fact that she is a big actress while pursuing her studies in New York, she had a very common life such as cooking food for herself, washing clothes, and traveling by passageways. However, she has to leave the course in the midway and have to return to India for promoting her movie “Queen” during that time.

8. The family

The family of Kangana Ranaut has constantly been cautious of her acting profession. Although during that time, her father did not support her in the decision of becoming an actress. But, later on with her hard work and determination, Kangana made her family in support of her decision very soon.

7. Promising Dialogue Writer

Kangana engraved her personal dialogues in the movie “Queen”. According to her, it was very easy to write for the character in this movie as she can relate that role to her personally. She was also very shy and quiet person when she joined the industry and was not comfortable to express her views completely to the other person.

6. Southern films

Kangna Ranaut till nowhas worked in the total 27 films as yet, from which she has done one Telugu movie i.e. Ek Niranjan in the year 2009 and one more film in the Tamil i.e. Dhaam Dhoom in the year 2008. She is also ready to act in more south movies but she wants to do that with the south super hunk Mahesh Babu.

5. Younger sister personal issue

Kangana devises a robust emotional connection with her younger sister Ms Rangoli. Rangoli was also a prey of an ill-fated acid attack. She was instantaneously sent to Mumbai along with her parents for the hospital treatment. Later, she got wedded to her husband-to-be Mr Vikram

4. Less addictive to watching movies

Kangana does not like viewing films and has viewed only ten movies so far. Besides this, she would love to read the novels and hearing to music. Actually, she finds the movies very boring and she cannot sit three hours continuously for watching a movie.

3. Father offered her Rs 50,000 cash

WhenKangana Ranaut was residing alone, her dad approached and offered her cash worth Rs 50,000 in order to make her live comfortably. But, Kangana did not receive the cash and feels that it had damaged the bond with her dad.

2. Leave Studies

Kangana has studied in the Science stream; however, she desired to leave the studies during the age of 15and wish to pursue her career in the sculpture making.But, for this, she did not get approval from her father and got a slap on her face from him for the very first time.

1. Reaching the age of 30

It is the dream of Kangana Ranaut that before reaching the age of 30, she wants to visit the diverse nations as well as places in order to have an experience of the real pace of life. She loves to do shopping and is also meant to be a style icon (she possesses a very good fashion sense) for the various aspiring actresses in the India at present.

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