10 Countries That Have Extremely High External Debt

These days, the world economy really becomes unpredictable. In fact, there are lots of countries in the world that are currently experiencing serious economic crisis. However, there are also those nations that are flourishing when it comes to economy. These are the richest countries the world has to offer. But the big question is, do you know that there are a number of nations who have very high external debt, regardless of how rich or poor they are? Yes, you read it right, and here are the top 10 world countries that have extremely high external debt:

10. Singapore, $1,766,401,000,000


Officially, Singapore is known as the Republic of Singapore. It is the only island city-state that can be found in the entire world, and it is also known as one of the business centers in the world. It is flourishing when it comes to economy, tourism, business and in some other fields. This is the reason why it is a very progressive country. It reaches as much as $1,766,401,000,000 as of 2015.

9. Spain, $2,305,648,000,000

The official name of Spain is Kingdom of Spain, and it is located in the southwestern part of Europe specifically in the Iberian Peninsula. When it comes to economy, this country is ranked on the 16th place as world largest. There are a lot of things that this country can offer. Tourism, jobs, advanced facilities, name it and Spain surely has it. However, its external debt as of March 2014 reaches $2,305,648,000,000.

8. Netherlands, $2,526,895,000,000

In the number 8 position is the beautiful country of Netherlands, or officially known as the Kingdom of Netherlands. It’s one of those densely populated countries in the world that is constantly progressing when it comes to economy. For many centuries now, this country is great contributing to the booming economy of the entire Europe. However, you might be surprised to know that its external debt is around $2,526,895,000,000 as of March 2014.

7. Italy, $2,651,413,000,000

Officially known as the Italian Republic, Italy is amongst those very progressive nations not only in the continent of Europe, but in the entire world as well. It’s world’s fashion capital and a lot of business investors are coming in the country. Italy is in the 4th place when it comes to most populated countries in the European Union. Another thing that you should know is the external debt of the country that reaches $2,651,413,000,000.

6. Japan, $2,861,488,000,000


In the 6th place in the top 10 world countries that have extremely high external debt is Japan, and this is the only Asian country that is included in the list. Such nation is branded as the “Land of the Rising Sun”. In fact, many other countries envied the amazing progress of Japan. Even so, you should be informed that this country is dealing with its external debt that reaches $2,861,488,000,000.

5. Luxembourg, $3,472,282,000,000

With the very high external debt of $3,472,282,000,000, Luxembourg is ranked on the 5th place. The official name of this nation is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is a small yet very progressive country that can be found in the western part of Europe. The level of innovation of the country is very high, and it simply means that the country is rich enough even though it has that extremely high debt.

4. Germany, $5,546,869,000,000

At number four is the historic and breathtaking country of Germany. It is officially called the Federal Republic of Germany. With a very high level of innovation, this country is undeniably thriving in the world when it comes to economy. One admirable thing about the country is that its government is less corrupt, unlike other countries in the world. Nevertheless, Germany is dealing with its external debt that is around $5,546,869,000,000.

3. France, $5,750,152,000,000

The French Republic, or simply France, is on the third place that has an external debt of $5,750,152,000,000. Even with this very high debt, it cannot be denied that the country is one of the richest countries worldwide. There is no question about that since its capital city, Paris, is one of those powerful cities when it comes to fashion. Thousands of businesses are also standing in this nation, so it can surely cope with its high debt.

2. United Kingdom, $9,591,672,000,000

The complete name of the United Kingdom is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island. It is one of the most influential countries in the entire world. Moreover, it has a very stable economic status as of these days. Even so, one thing that will surely stir your interest about this nation is the fact that it has a whopping external debt of $9,591,672,000,000.

1. United States of America, $19,188,102,413,248

Statue of Liberty

The United States of America is the number one country that has very high external debt. It reaches as much as $19,188,102,413,248 as of May 2016. However, the country still stands still and maintain a very good economic status. This is why its government is not that worried about this huge amount of debt.

These are the top 10 world countries that have extremely high external debt. Despite that high debt, these countries still maintain to have a stable economic status.

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