10 Bizarre Indian Rituals That Will Amaze You

India is a land of cultures and traditions and people here blindly follow anything that comes their way. There are many people in this wonderful country who fear god, and are extremely superstitious and they do whatever it takes to get over the superstitious. These rituals can be very dangerous at times and should definitely be stopped, but nothing of that sort happens and people end up following it no matter. Here is a list of Ten Bizzare Indian Rituals That Will Amaze you, and are still followed in different parts of the country.

10. Widow Burning or the Sati Pratha

Sati Pratha

It is a ritual that has been followed since ages and in this ritual the lady has to lie down next to the body of her dead husband and she is burnt alive. It is still followed in many parts of the country.

9. Women Beating Unmarried Boys

This is a ritual that is followed in some parts of jodhpur, Rajasthan, where the women come out of their house wearing colorful clothes and with a stick and they beat all the single boys. The reason behind this is that the bachelor boys should get married soon and those got hurt, will be married within a years time.

8. Marrying frogs for Rain

More than half the population of the country depends on farming, and rain is very important for irrigation. The people in Jamshedpur and Nagpur marry the frogs only to impress the rain god and pray for rain.

7. Self-Flagellation

This is one of the rituals or the custom followed by a lot of Muslims in the country. It is practiced during the Muharram time, when the Shia Muslim, participates in this ritual in the memory of Hussein Ibn Ali, who was killed by 72 warriors. The ritual is very painful and it still happens in various parts of the country.

6. The Nasty Appetite of AghoriBabas

Aghori baba has a very strange appetite, which a normal human being cannot even think of. They eat human skin, perform cannibalism where they do not really eat human flesh but human corpses, eats animal feces, animal urine, rotten food and many other things, which are even difficult to imagine. The reason why they eat is to kill their ego and also it derails the human beauty that is important for a man to continue his life as the Aghori.

5. Burying Child upto the neck for good health

The people of Mominpur in Gulbarga bury their kids who are mentally or physically different, the parents bury their kids up to the neck in the mud as they consider the mud to be extremely holy and it will cure the health of their kids.

4. The wives lives like a widow, only to protect their husband

Strange, but true. The married women of the gachhvah community of Uttar Pradesh live as a widow for their husband’s safety. The reason behind this is that the men climb the palm trees to remove the toddy from the trees and the trees are tall and very risky, hence the women put no make up or vermilion and live like a widow.

3. The Young Girls Marry Dogs to Remove Demon

It is a ritual that is followed in the state of Jharkhand since years, where the young girls are married to dogs, as they believe that it will remove the demon from the girl. And the marriage takes place in the similar fashion like a Hindu Marriage.

2. Walking On Fire

Walking On Fire

This Ritual is followed in South India, where people walk barefoot on fire to give respect to Goddess Draupati Amman, and they cannot run on the coal, but rather they have to walk very slowly on the fire, which is lit up by the burning coal. A very strange custom, but is still followed.

1. Indian Men Trampled by Cows

It is a one of the most bizarre custom andit is followed during the Gowardhan Pooja in Madhya Pradesh. The devotees perform this act only to get their wishes fulfilled. It is an extremely dangerous act and also the most bizarre.

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