Top Ten Most Powerful Air Force in the World

Military forces are the very important part of any nation. It is equally important as the ground military forces. And it is necessary that a country has the strong air force with updated technology because there is no compromise on security. Trained pilots are the plus point for air force. Air force is really helpful in overcoming the emergency situation of war and terrorism.

Below is the list of top 10 countries with the most powerful air forces

10. Japan

The country which is at the number 10 is Japan. Its air force name is “Japan air defense force” and it participated in World War 2. It has radar system along with air petrol. It is also famous for its assaulter squadrons. Japan air force is refining day by day.

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9. Australia

At number nine we have the country Australia. And its air force name is “Royal Australian Air force”. Its air force is small if we compared it with other countries. But it has strong fighter planes. Its motto is “through struggle to the stars”. The remarkable point of this force is that it gears the kinetic and non-kinetic air.

8. Germany

At number eight the country Germany stands. And its air force name is “Luftwaffe”. It was established in 1935. Their pilots are trained from Canada and USA so the country has the top pilots in their air force.

7. Pakistan

At the number seven in the top 10 list of strong air force is the Pakistan and its air force name is PAF. It has good number of fighter planes like J-7 and F 16. Pakistan is indulged in different problem since its independence so they really work on their air force to deal with any state of affairs.

6. France

Now it is the turn of France. Its air force name is “Arm’ee de ‘I air”. It was established in 1909. It is considered as the most professional air force in the world. France is the inventor of the Mirage jet air fighter which is the world’s significant one. With the help of technology and proper management they make their air force different among others.

5. China

At number 5 the country is China. Its air force name is “liberation army air force”. It has 1500 combat aircrafts. It has the best and largest air force in Asia. It was established in November 11, 1949.

4. India

India stands at number four in the top 10 list. Its air force name is “Indian air force”. It was founded in 1935. It has 1080 combat air crafts. It has now massive air defense strategic weapons and these weapons are good at target shooting and bombing.

3. Britain

This country at number four has the oldest air force in the world. Its air force name is “British air force”. It was founded at 1 April 1918. It is well-known for its strategic bombing.

2. Russia

At the number two Russia stands. Its air force name is “Soviet air force”. It was established in 1992. Day by day they are improving their air force by generating war planes. It has the strongest air force due to strong supervision and self-protective strategies. It is ready to deal with any dangerous situation. Mikoyan MIG -31 “foxhound” is the plane having astonishing fighting abilities.

1. United States Of America

United States Of America

And the number one is the United States of America. It was established on September 11, 1947. It has the most advanced and strong air force in the world. It has the extreme number of air planes in the world. It has 3318 combat air crafts. It has many f-15 strike eagles with sharp speed. Lock-heed AC 130 is the best invention of the USA. So they have best air force in the world.

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