10 Amazing Uses of Smartphone You Probably Don’t Know

Those days are gone beyond when phones were only used for texting or for making some calls. Today, smartphones have replaced those phones that were nothing but a junk. The versatility of the smartphones are not unknown by the modern people.

Smartphones are the latest sensations of the modern age that have changed the way we live our lives. These are the amazing inventions those can be your best friends like they can be your travelling companions, you can listen to the music and you can play games whenever you like. Moreover, you can also chat with your friends or send your pictures or videos to them by using your smart phones. So there are numerous reasons why smartphones are the most important things that you can have.


In addition to these features, there are a lot more things that you can do with your smartphones. Probably you know it or not, your smartphones are not less than the revolutions that can even cure cancers. Surprised? Here are the ten most amazing uses of smartphones that you can perform but you don’t know about them:

10. Measure Altitude and air Pressure

You might be known about the forecasting of the weather but you will definitely be stunned to know that smartphones can even measure the altitude and the air pressure of the place. Smartphones consist of the built-in GPS systems that can detect the reliable position above the sea level and also the air pressure because of the built- in Barometer.

9. Powers Satellites

You will definitely be surprised to know that smartphone – powered nanosatellite is sent into the orbit that with some application collect the data from the space. This satellite was the joined project between the Surrey Satellite Technology Limited and the Surrey’s Space Centre.

8. Connect USB to Smartphones

Thanks to Android technology that we can connect the USB or other USB portable devices to the newer Android phones or tablets. This helps to transfer files or data without the PC or the cable, whenever you need it.

7. Perform on-board diagnostics

An OBD or the on-board diagnostics is the cable that plugs into the car’s computer unit and is used to observe the status of the machinery of the vehicle. And with the dongle, your smartphone can serve as the OBD that can save your car in the real time.

6. DIY Microscope

You can make your smartphone an amateur microscope just by adding a small drop of water on the camera. The drop of water will act as a lens that will allow the camera to focus the bigger size of the image.

5. Helps to cure Cancer

Several apps are designed for the latest smartphones that can easily fight against the cancer or some other hard to cure disease. The software bequeaths the computational power that is the major cause of the cancer and analyses it while you are at sleep.

4. Smartphones as the medical Labs

An app called for the iPhone is developed which turns into the complete medical lab that uses the camera of your smartphone for the complete checkup of the toxins, diseases, proteins and viruses. This app is very accurate as any other expensive lab’s test.

3. Smartphones driving cars

Another interesting function of the smartphone that you might not know is the Google’s self-driving car that works on the single smartphone. This car is built by the students of Griffith University, Australia that utilizes the camera and the built- in GPS system of the smartphone to drive on its own.

2. Metal Detectors

Another useful function of smartphone that you might not know is the built in magnetometers that detects the presence of the metals by your smartphones. These sensors are useful for any emergency but they don’t work as strong as other metal detectors.

1. Detect Infrared Light

Smartphones are the good detectors of the infrared lights that cannot be seen by the naked human eye. The digital cameras in your smart phones are much sensitive to the IR radiations and you can try to check if it is true or not. You can just observe the IR remote control under the camera of the smartphone while pushing the button. This will give you the white or purple light in your phone’s screen.