10 Awesome Facts About Black Holes That Will Amaze You

The universe has lot many secrets and most of them are not yet revealed. However, there are some of the things that have come to our knowledge and these are nothing less than astonishing. Black Hole is one among them. Black Hole is a point which has tremendous gravitation pull and no material, stars, planets and even light can go past it. Even if anything that strays pass black hole in the universe, will end up in black hole within no time.

1. You can’t see Black Hole

As the name suggests one can’t see a black hole. It does not matter which method is used as the light cannot escape the black hole, one can’t see it. However, the behavior of the materials in universe suddenly changes when it accidentally comes near the Black Hole environment. The material becomes faster, hotter and glows in X-Ray lights.

2. Black Hole in Milky Way

Well, there is a Black Hole in Milky Way Galaxy but our earth is safe from it. It is sized almost four million times more than the Sun and the gravitation pull is also very high. However, the monster black hole is in the middle of the galaxy.

3. Dying Star and Black Hole

A star dies when the nuclear fuel gets used up and turns to white dwarf. However, the big stars have even more gravitational pull and that overwhelm the natural resources. However, when it collapses, the core and different layers of the stars come to the space. The other layer creates Supernova and the core creates infinite density and no volume and that is nothing other than Black Hole.

4. Warm hole

There are many concepts in Black Hole and Warm Hole is one of them. It is considered that one can move across the black hole from one part to another part of the universe faster than light. However, the exact relativity and the quantum physics inside black hole is still not properly defined and the concept of warm hole widely debated but popularly believed.

5. Black Hole discovered after X Ray

The Black Whole was discovered only after the X-Ray was discovered. Black Hole cannot be seen. However, particles in the universe that are moving towards the Black Hole glows in X Ray light and then the concept of Black Hole was discovered.

Black Hole

6. Time and Relativity

The Time appears to be moving slow in Black Hole for a person outside of the Black Hole and seems that the person inside the Black Hole is becoming slower and slower. However, the time for the person inside the Black Hole seems normal and it seems that person who is outside of the black hole moving very fast.

7. Types of Black Holes

There are majorly three types of Black Holes. Primordial Black Hole can differ in size and range from a pint to mountains. There are Stellar Black Holes that are close to 20 times more than the Sun. There are many Stellar Black Holes in the Milky Way Galaxy. But then there are Gargantuan Black Holes which are at least 7 million times bigger than our Sun. This is mainly located at the center of the Galaxy.

8. The point of No Return

There is a certain point in the universe that is safe from the nearing black hole. It is understood that the gravitational pull of the Black Hole is limited and one must be aware of the No Return point. After this point it is unsafe and anything can be pulled to Black Hole. So, the previous concept that it is dangerous only when someone goes too close to it is may not the right one.

9. Nearest Black Hole

It was initially reported that nearest black Hole to earth is only 1600 light years away. However, that gives sense of worry and more research was followed. However, it was concluded that the nearest black hole to earth is at least 20000 light years away in Milky Way Galaxy.

10. Space Travel

One need travel through the space in order to even have a trace of Black Hole. However, most of the things are not discovered or yet to be understood from Black Hole.

These are very popular and known facts about Black Hole in the universe.