Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Flowers

One of the most exquisite creations of nature is flowers, vibrant in colors, rich in fragrance and pleasing to eyes. These find use in every phase of human existence, from birth till death. While many common flowers can be grown in home gardens, some rare flowers are cultured for their high value.

Here are the list of 10 most expensive flowers:

10. Lisianthus


Scientifically know as Eustoma Grandiflorum, lisianthus is an annual flower which commands a price ranging between $ 10 and $ 35 per bundle. Thin as a paper, this delicate and beautiful flower comes in colors ranging from lavender to pale purple and blue violet and survived for 2-3 weeks after being cut from the stem.

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9. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Next on the list of 10 most expensive flowers is the Lily of the Valley or Convallaria Majalis, a sweet smelling but poisonous flower priced at $ 15-50 per bundle. These bell-shaped flowers bloom in spring season and need extra care while being harvested as they are quite delicate.

8. Hydrangea


Priced at $ 6.5 per stem, Hydrangea, also known as Hortensia comes next in this list. These flowers grow in clusters and are mostly white in color, though blue, pink and purple can also be spotted. A popular wedding flower, it droops early, which is the reason they are bought on the d-day itself.

7. Gloriosa


Another beautiful and expensive flower is gloriosa, which costs as much as $ 6-10 per flower. This decorative flower hails from Asia and South Africa and grows in a host of vibrant colors such as deep red, yellow, yellow green and orange. It commands a high price because of its rarity.

6. 17th Century Tulip Bulb

17th Century Tulip Bulb

Featuring next on the list of 10 most expensive flowers of 2015 is the 17th century tulip bulb, which is revered for its beautiful shape and bright colors. The flower has been valued since ancient history, when it fetched a high price of nearly 10000 guilders which equals $ 5700.

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