Top 10 Life Lessons from the Ramayana

The great Indian epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata are among the most revered works not only in Hinduism, but also among the followers of other religions and cultures of the world. The Ramayana, which revolves around the life story of Lord Rama, brings a large number of moral, ethical and social lessons and highlight true values which we must try to incorporate in our lives.

Here are top 10 life lessons from the Ramayana:

10. The True Goal of One’s Life is to Kill the Demons Within

According to the Ramayana, one should make an effort to do good deeds and put an end to the demons within us. True love and devotion towards Lord will guide us on the right path in our lives.

9. Pride Always has a Fall

Ravana was a great warrior who was blessed with immortality by Lord Shiva, but it was his pride which took him to his downfall. The lesson of humility thus comes from the Ramayana, as Vibhishana, the humble brother of Ravana, played a key role in the death of the evil demon.

8. The Power of True Dedication

The Ramayana gives another important lesson of true devotion and friendship by the example of the relationship between Lord Rama and his ardent devotee, Hanuman, who did everything he could do for his Lord. He tore his heart to show that his master resided in it.

7. Protecting a Woman’s Honor is a Noble Deed

Another life lesson given by the Ramayana is that one should not think twice in helping a women and protecting her honor. The noble bird Jatayu gave up his life for saving Sita from the clutches of Ravana. In return, all the last rites of the bird were performed by Lord Rama himself.

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6. Love for God is beyond the Boundaries of Caste and Creed

When Lord Rama readily ate the fruits nibbled by his low caste devotee, Sabari, he gave a lesson to his followers that true love and devotion for God is beyond all the barriers of caste and creed and all humans are equal in the eyes of God.

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