Top 10 Life Lessons from the Ramayana

The great Indian epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata are among the most revered works not only in Hinduism, but also among the followers of other religions and cultures of the world. The Ramayana, which revolves around the life story of Lord Rama, brings a large number of moral, ethical and social lessons and highlight true values which we must try to incorporate in our lives.

Here are top 10 life lessons from the Ramayana:

1. Honor Your Word

The first lesson taught by the Ramayana is to value one’s word and honor it, no matter what price you have to pay for it. King Dashratha sent his dearest son, Rama on exile to honor the word he had given to his wife, Kaikeyi, despite the fact that it was wrong on her part to make such a demand from the King. Similarly, Rama accepted his fate happily to honor the word of his father.

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2. Never Pay Heed to Evil Advice

Next among the top 10 lessons taught by the Ramayana is that one should never pay heed to evil advice as Kaikeyi did by listening to Manthara and asked King Dashratha to exile Lord Rama. This is what caused the death of the king and miseries in their lives.

3. Attachment (Maya) can Lead to Suffering

When Sita forced Rama to get her the Golden Deer as she was attracted by its magical beauty, this became the reason behind her suffering as she was abducted by Ravana while Rama left to get the deer. This incident teaches us that attachment is the root to suffering.

4. The Importance of Righteousness

Lord Rama has been as “Maryada Purushottam”, which means that he took every step to be righteous in his life, whether it was giving up his kingdom to keep his father’s word or forsaking his wife, Sita, on the quest of one of his subjects.

5. Not Accepting what is not Rightly Yours

Bharata is considered as one of the noblest characters of the Ramayana, who has set an example for us that it is not right to accept what isn’t justly ours. He refused to be crowned the king of Ayodhya in place of his brother, Rama, who was unjustly sent to exile by his mother, Kaikeyi.

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