Top 10 Hottest Female Tennis Player In The World 2016

Tennis is a favorite sport by many people. This sport has generated a lot of buzz in almost every corner of the world and has made superstars out of its athletes. It is also one of the more expensive sports to play and to appreciate it is to be among its many high-brown and elite fans.

In recent years, equal attention has already been given to both male and female tennis athletes. These athletes have scored various product endorsements partnered with lucrative deals and other cash bonuses. But not only that, a lot of male fans have been drawn to tennis not only for the sport’s inherent excitement and energetic matches but also – for the sheer beauty of the female tennis players.

These female tennis players may just be easily confused for a supermodel or a Hollywood actress. This is because they carry with them the poise, the grace, and the beauty of these larger than life personalities. Truly, every tennis fan can simply just can’t get enough of them.

This top 10 list dishes to you the top 10 most beautiful female tennis players in the world today. Check the list and find out if your favorite female tennis player is on the list. Are you ready? Let’s go!

10. Serena Williams

Serena Williams

Serena Jameeka Williams is one half of the Williams sisters who are currently superstars of tennis royalty. Serena is admired not only for her skill but her winsome smile and her poise and grace while on court and even when away from it. She has won 4 Olympic gold medals and many tournament championships.

9. Elena Dementieva

Elena Dementieva

This Russian tennis player was also an Olympic Gold medalist when he played in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Though recently retired from the tennis scene, she is loved by her fans and adorned by many men for her strikingly beautiful face, schoolgirl personality, and sense of mystery.

8. Maria Kirilenko

Maria Kirilenko

Kirilenko also hails from Russia. She is often photographed with a serious look – which all the more adds to her unique allure and charm both on the tennis court and even when she is not playing. She also modeled swimsuits in the past and graced the cover of numerous fashion magazines.

7. Tatiana Golovin

Tatiana Golovin

Golovin is a 24 year old tennis superstar who hails from France. She has gained popularity for her very strong and fierce forehand playing skills. An athlete who giver her all in every game, she recently retired from the sport due to a pressing back injury and has taken time off to heal and get well.

6. Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza

A lot of things are different for this out of the box female tennis player from India. Truth to tell, very few South Asians excel in tennis. However, Mirza, being an Indian Muslim, has achieved superstar status in the sport. She recently married a Pakistani cricketer and is now in the family way.

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