Top 10 Fastest Motorbikes in the World 2017

Motorcycles offer a different kind of thrill. A motorcar may be able to speed even more than a bike, but cars often feel caged and like a trap whereas motorbikes offer freedom and openness.

Fast motorbikes are too risky as well, but that depends a lot on the owner themselves. If you have been wondering about the top 10 fastest bikes in the world at this moment, here’s a list. This includes the commercially available motorbikes.

10. Ducati 1098 Series

Ducati 1098 Series

This motorbike was manufactured back in 2007, even after 8 years later Ducati 1098 holds the pride of being a very fast motorbike. The exhaust system on Ducati 1098 Series is non-integrated, also the horizontal headlights are very prominent – overall an impressive design language for a motorbike of its class. The engine is able to produce 160 bhp at 90.4 lb-ft torque. Curb weight of this motorbike is 173 kgs and the average top speed is around 170 mph.

9. Aprilia RSV 100R Mille

Aprilia RSV 100R Mille

There are three variants – RSV 1000R, another 1000R variant with higher engine specifications and a limited edition – more exclusive RSV 1000R Nera. The engine is works in four stroke motion and it has double overhead cam shafts for almost a sports sedan like performance. The engine provides 137.7 HP power and up to 175 km/h top speed.

8. BMW K1200S

BMW K1200S

This motorbike from German company BMW has a top speed of up to 174 miles per hour. The power output on the engine is 164 HP at 10,250 RPM. As it appears, the engine has a pretty higher rev capacity without getting blown. The massive torque on BMW K1200S allows it to be ridden at almost any tough condition apart from being crazy fast. Also, this motorbike has very efficient Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) technology equipped for ride comfort.

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7. MV Augusta F4

MV Augusta F4

This model along with three other variants had been launched back in 2006. The other three variants are F4 1000, FR 1000 R and F4 1000R CRC Gold which is a limited and exclusive edition. It features Brembo wheels made off forged iron; equipped with Monobloc brakes for more stopping power and Sachs rear-shock absorber. The engine provides a massive output of 200 HP and top speed goes all the way up to 185 mph.

6. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

Kawasaki motorbikes are well-known for their reliability and stability. The Ninja ZX-14 model takes only 2.5 seconds to accelerate to 60 from 0 mph, and the official top speed is limited to 186 mph to make it road legal. The front forks are 43 mm, with four 310mm dual-piston calipers. This model was produced in 2007.

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