Top 10 Best Cigarette Brands in India With Price 2018

Smoking is an age-old phenomenon and has been going on since our ancestors found out nicotine’s addictive properties by experimenting with tobacco plant, which is also known as Nicotiana tobacam scientifically. Since then tobacco has been a hit and its leaves were dried, rolled, and smoked as bidi or cigarettes. India still has a lot of bidi smokers. 5.7% of Indian adults are cigarette smokers. A Cigarette is the wise of choice for modern metropolitan India, even college girls and working ladies are also smoking. Despite knowing the downsides and being aware of the written warning on cigarette packs, smokers cannot quit it because Nicotine, present in tobacco produces a psychological dependency that is hard to combat.

People who are once addicted to usually smoke 2- five cigarettes/day. Most of the people admit that they try cigarettes out of curiosity.

Here we are listing top 10 best selling cigarette brands with price in India.

10. Gudang Garam

Gudang Garam

Gudang Garam International is a native Indonesian clove cigarette brand, launched on November 3, 1979 in Kediri, East Java. These types of cigarettes are made from the leaves of high quality tobacco and cloves; and the Gudang Garam International is the brand for mature smokers who appreciate the art of enjoying a few rolled cigarettes. A strong clove mix formula and use of best quality products for its manufacturing, Gudang Garam International is capable of provide a smoking experience that is unparalleled for lovers of clove cigarettes.

Price: A pack of 12 international Gudang garam cigarette costs around Rs.250.

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9. Parliament


Parliament is an excellent cigarette brand. Charlie Sheen had been featured in their ads in the 1990 s. Filtered cigarettes are relatively new market trend. Under the company Philip Morris, these were the first cigarettes to have paper filters that allow only the nicotine to reach the smokers mouth. They come in flavors including menthol flavored, and have different sizes – White Pack (Menthol Lights) Kings, Green Pack (Menthol Flavor), and Silver Pack (Menthol Ultra Lights) Kings. Parliament has excellent taste and light smell. Their unique filters provide low tar content and hence a safer option for people who are not into hardcore smoking.

8. Pall Mall

Pall Mall

Pall Mall cigarettes are sold by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.  One of the first in the segment of premium cigarettes, it had high standards in design and taste for both short and long cigarettes. Pall Mall cigarettes are specific in their tobacco packing and charcoal is placed inside the roll. A number of varieties like Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Black and White that denotes different strengths of the tobacco and menthol content of the cigarettes, are available. Pall Mall launched 100mm long cigarettes, which however did not last long in the market due to competition. Pall Mall is a good experience.

7. Navy cut

Navy cut

Wills Navy Cut (or simply Wills) was one of the first filtered Indian cigarettes to be launched. Its manufacturing, marketing and distribution are looked over by the ITC Limited. Navy Cut was launched as Wills Filter and it was India’s answer to filtered cigarettes. Wills Navy Cut be originally manufactured by W.D. & H.O. Wills in the United Kingdom. The length of the Navy cut cigarette is 84 mm, which includes the filter length. Cigarettes come in pack of 10s and 20 s. But Navy cut has a nasty rumor about causing Cancer, although no substantial proof is there.

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Price: Around Rs 100

6. Benson and Hedges

Benson and Hedges

Also known simply as B&H is a British brand of cigarettes owned by British American Tobacco, Philip Morris International, or Japan Tobacco in different parts of the world. These Cigarettes are made from Virginia tobacco. Founded in London in 1873 by Richard Benson and William Hedges and known as Benson and Hedges Ltd. One can get Band H cigarettes in Gold /Silver forms, and as Red, Green, Blue, White and Black in several other countries. Japan Tobacco also manufactures Hamlet cigars.

Price: Around Rs.250 for a 20 stick pack 

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