Advantages and Disadvantages of Friendship

In today’s modern day and age, real friendships are becoming rarer as we progress toward the entirely digital world. Soon, you’ll be hearing about the true friendship stories from your parents or grandparents, that’s how rare friendships have become. You may have a strong friendship with your friends, but keep in mind, along with the joy, love, and support, friendship can also bring a lot of chaos and other not-so-good things or situations in your life too. And that’s what we will be discussing in today’s post. Come with us as we take you through a quick detour of the advantages as well as disadvantages of friendship. Let’s get going now, shall we?

Advantages of Friendship

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Let’s be real, friends are just like a family outside your bloodline that we get to choose. Friends are just like the perfect ingredients in a delicious recipe, they add flavor, spice, and everything nice to our lives. And we all know what friendships contribute or bring to our lives, but still, here are some of the advantages of having a strong friendship with someone:

1. Emotional Lifelines

Imagine your life as a ship sailing on the sky-high waves in an open sea. In that case, friends can be like a raft or a lifejacket that will keep you afloat. It could be that you are dealing with heartbreak, disappointment, or just a bad day, good friends are always there to throw you an emotional lifeline. They’re the ones who give you a shoulder to cry on, lend an ear to your deepest fears, or simply sit with you in silence when words fail.

2. The Best Cheerleaders

Sometimes you don’t believe in yourself when taking an action towards something good, but your friends believe in you. Well, that’s what good friends always do. And when you are struggling to stay motivated, your friends are always there to light a fire under your ambitions to keep you motivated and stick to your life goals no matter what.

3. Home Away From Home

Friendships are like a cozy blanket that gives you a sense of belonging and purpose. They make you feel part of a tribe, a little community that gets you and appreciates you for just being you. They are your home away from home, a safe haven where you’re loved, valued, and accepted.

4. Boosting the Self-Love Meter

Your friends, you see, they’re like your personal cheerleaders, always on standby to shout from the rooftops about how amazing you are. That alone can turn your weakness into your strength. Remember, true friends aren’t there to judge you all the time, they are like a god’s gift, always boosting your morale and cranking up your self-love meter.

5. Life’s Navigators

We can all agree on one thing that life is unpredictable, right? And when you think you have it all figured out, you encounter something chaotic or unsettling in your life. Whether it’s a tough breakup, a job loss, or a serious illness, friends step in as your personal navigators, helping you find your way back when you’re lost and completely puzzled. They sure are like the lighthouses in the storm, guiding you through the sky-high waves and helping you emerge even stronger on the other side.

Disadvantages of Friendship

Here are some aspects that’ll give you a bit of a reality check, especially if you are hanging out with people with shallow hearts or intentions:

1. The Balance

If you are not giving enough time to your family because of your friendship, you’re making a big mistake. This habit of not maintaining a balance between friendship and family can easily bring a lot of chaos to your life. That’s why it is better to balance things, and sometimes you’d have to say no to your friends to give time to your parents, siblings, wife, or your little ones.

2. Bad Influence

Of course, not every friend is going to cheer for you when you are walking on a career path toward success. And that shouldn’t be a hard pill to swallow. That’s because you know deep down that there could be some friends that steer you down the wrong path, just like a faulty GPS, right? This sort of mate can toss your life into a whirlwind of chaos and potentially throw a wrench in your plans for the future. That’s why they say, always choose your friends wisely.

3. Friendships Vs Career

Sometimes it happens when you’re scared of leaving your friends and your comfort zone, therefore you end up saying no to the golden opportunity, letting your career take a backseat all because of friendship ties. Unfortunately, this is the line many of us fear to draw.


In the end, we want to remind you again, that it is better to choose your friends wisely. And don’t push yourself into friendships where you know you will have problems in the future. It is better to say no today than to be sorry and disappointed later in life all because of your friendship.

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