10 Best Welcome Drink Ideas for Kitty Party

The trend of kitty parties has been on a rise in the past few decades and ladies are on a constant lookout for fresh and new ideas for serving food and drinks to the guest. When it comes to welcome drinks, no one likes to be served the unhealthy caffeinated drinks or preserved fruit juices. Rather they prefer innovative drinks which have great taste and health value.

Here are the 10 best welcome drink ideas for kitty party:

10. Rose Sharbat

Rose Sharbat

You can make this delicious and cooling rose sharbat at home by boiling pure rose petals with sugar and water. You will surely be appreciated for this excellent effort.

9. MidSummer Dream

MidSummer Dream

Another amazing kitty party welcome drink is midsummer dream, which combines tempting ingredients like rose syrup, pineapple juice and chopped kiwi, pineapple and banana, along with soda to create a superb drink.

8. Virgin Pina Colada

Virgin Pina Colada

A delightful and cooling welcome drink for kitty party is virgin pina colada. It is made by blending pineapple pieces with cream to make a smooth and delicious drink.

7. Mojito


If you want to add an international touch to your kitty party menu but don’t want to sweat out a lot, then try out the classic Mojito this time. It combines the amazing flavors of fresh lime with mint to be a sure hit.

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