Yash Johar Wiki, Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth

Yash Johar, many think that by Yash Johar we mean the greatest Indian director. But here we are devoting the segment to the newest Yash Johar around. And she is none other than the twin adorable kid of Karan Johar.

Yash Johar was born on 7th February 2017 as twins with the other twin Roohi Johar. She was born through surrogate mother as Karan Johar is unmarried. She was born prematurely and was kept in the hospital for 50 days. After that her health was made sure and she was taken home by Karan Johar.

Yash Johar

Net Worth

Not available

Income Source

Yash Johar is just 1.5 years old little kid and so she doesn’t have any income source currently.

Real Name: Yash Johar
Nickname: Yash
Age: 1.5 Years
Date of Birth: 7 February 2017
Height: Not available (Still a child)
Weight: Not available (Still a child)
Marital Status: unmarried

Personal Background

Yash Johar is the adorable daughter of Karan Johar and was born on 7th February 2017. She is a cute little pie of Karan Johar and his world. Karan Johar keeps on posting pics of her along with Roohi with various lovely messages and captions.

Yash Johar spends her day playing with her twin sister Roohi Johar. Karan Johar plays with her and her sister every day and there is also a nanny who takes care of feeding and taking care of them. Karan Johar even takes them to play with other celebrity kids like Taimur Ali Khan and more. The kids love each other and playfully spend time around each other.

Karan Johar wishes to make the best world for their kids. And he wants to provide the best to her both daughters Yash Johar and Roohi Johar. Her pics are so adorable that anyone who sees her falls awe of her.

Personal Life

Yash Johar was born on 7th February 2017 as a twin child with Roohi Johar. She was born from surrogate mother and is daughter of Karan Johar. They had to kept in hospital for many days, i.e. 50 days to take care as she was prematurely born. She is now healthy and always keeps on smiling.

More Information

Yash Johar is a happy little girl, one of the twin daughters of Karan Johar. She has a long life ahead and we wish her happy times. Such a adorable cute little sweet.