Where to Keep Dustbin at Home, Bathroom & Kitchen?

Hygiene is essential for a healthy life in everyone’s life. Even though humans think that they are way smarter than other animals, but you can find that most animal species also look after cleanliness. For healthy living, you can focus on eating healthy, sleeping timely and a lot more. But, if you are not focusing on the right way of keeping yourself and your surroundings clean, then there will be consequences.

One common issue that every second person might admit is regarding the dustbin. There are many types and choosing the right one is typical. Keeping this conversation aside, the difficulty of finding the perfect spot for your dustbin is also a tiring job. In every home, you can easily find there dustbins. But, have you ever focused on the placement of the dustbin. Have you ever doubted whether the selected place is right or not?

Well, we thought about the same and found many research and studies, which talks about the importance of placing the dustbin at the right place in the home. So, how can you say that a particular place is perfect and the other one is not? After complete research, we made a complete guide to help you understand the core concept of choosing the perfect placement of a dustbin in the home, bathroom and kitchen. Let’s get started by learning the basics.

Dustbin at Home

For Bathroom 

It doesn’t matter that if you have a small, medium or large-sized bathroom at home, it is necessary to have a dustbin. If you use toilet paper, then using the dustbin right next to the toilet seat is the perfect placement.

You can place the dustbin on the right side of the toilet seat as it is the most optimal place. Make sure that the dustbin isn’t directly visible when someone enters the bathroom. These dustbins are used for effective hygiene purposes and you have to install a polybag every couple of days.

 In case, you are installing the dustbin for the bathing zone, then there are two places to install a dustbin. Most homes have a bathroom with a washbasin inside. Take a look at the washbasin zone and you can easily find the perfect location. Corners are the perfect places where the dustbin is hidden and it is also easy to access.

For Kitchen

Most people like having two dustbins in their kitchen and if you have a large kitchen, then having three dustbins is not a major issue. You can place the dustbin under the sink area because when you are washing dishes, you can easily throw the leftover food inside the dustbin. On the other hand, you should install this dustbin for wet waste. Anything dry should not be in this dustbin.

For the second dustbin, you can choose the empty corners or close to the veggies cutting area. Some people like to cut veggies or food in the kitchen. So, you can place the second dustbin as per your preferences. It would be an optimal choice to focus on Vastu shastra as if you believe in it.

For Living Room

If you have a large living room, installing two dustbins at each corner will be a perfect choice to eradicate any problem accessing dustbins. No doubt that a couch is mandatory in every living room and having the dustbin placement behind the couch zone is perfect for medium or large-sized homes.

Do not place a dustbin in the hallway because it will be destroying the aesthetic look as well as it will stink also. The placement of a dustbin near to a window is not a great idea because the blow of wind will carry the bad odour into your house.

For Garden

In case you want to place a dustbin in the garden of your house, then you can find that keeping your dustbin close to the patio will be optimal. Make sure that you do not place the dustbin right next to the patio, instead choose a nearby location like to the south of your house. These areas will get less sunlight and they are not going to stink in most cases.

If you find that the dustbin is causing a bad odour, then you can install a dustbin with an air-tight lid to prevent any bad odour from coming inside your home.

The Final Verdict

By following all the tips, you can easily find the perfect placement of a dustbin at home. Make sure that you choose the right type of dustbin before installing it inside your kitchen, bathroom or living room area. A dustbin with a lid and hand-free lid opening feature are always perfect for most uses. Make sure that you choose a quality made dustbin that goes with the aesthetic look for the furniture and paint of the house.

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