What Is Virtual Cricket and Is It Here to Stay?

Virtual cricket has taken the sports and gambling industries by storm, but there are plenty of people who still aren’t sure what it is or why it exists. If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone since the vertical is a relatively new phenomenon. With sporting events being less frequent at times, virtual sports have stepped in to fill a hole – and cricket is at the top of the list.

Nowadays, the world of virtual cricket is beginning to challenge traditional sports and eSports in terms of popularity. So, let’s take a look at the category and answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

What Is Virtual Cricket?

Virtual Cricket

As the name suggests, it’s not a real game of cricket with actual batters, bowlers and fielders. Instead, a virtual event takes place online, and everything about the contest is randomised thanks to machine-learning software and random number generators. AsWisden points out,it removes the need for players and fans to be in attendance, meaning a game can take place regardless of the conditions.

Although it’s commonly known as virtual cricket, its official name is iB Cricket. Also, it’s a combination of formats that you are already familiar with, such as virtual reality and eSports. Its approval rating is 95% from more than 15,000 users from a recent study, which is why it already reaches a significant number of people around the globe and could increase its reach in the future.

Why Do People Like It?

From a fan’s perspective, you get most of the feelings and emotions that you would at a match, but without being in the stands. For example, it is exciting as you genuinely have no clue what will happen. Even physical cricket can’t match it, since there are elements of the professional game that make some teams and leagues superior to others. Plus, it’s not like playing a video game, because you have zero control over the result.

Another factor is that it is safe. Sports can be dangerous, especially cricket where a hard ball often finds its way into the crowd. For those who are fearful of being hit and want to avoid the situation, nothing’s better than watching virtual cricket online.

Is It Here to Stay?

Customer engagement suggests it will remain relevant for a long time. Not only this, but other sports have virtual services that are very popular, including horse racing. The live events haven’t destroyed virtual horse racing, so there’s no reason it will happen to virtual cricket, either.

What we shouldn’t forget is the input of the developers. If they decide it’s not worth their while, then the game could disappear. However, Edge Gaming’s Virtual Cricket website highlights that this is unlikely because there of the six reasons they list why virtual sports are in demand. Of those, the low running costs, easy integration and high profits mean that providers won’t be going anywhere any time soon, not when customers are still happy to play and bet on virtual cricket.

What’s Next?

It’s impossible to predict the future, yet it would be strange if virtual sports like cricket didn’t benefit from the improved advancements in VR and AR. Another thing to remember is that the sector will take advantage of increased popularity in the global game. So as long as cricket as a whole remains watchable, then so too will virtual cricket!

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