Traces Login ( TDS Registration & Login Process Guide

TRACES Website is an important portal for everyone as it not only allows to make online corrections to income tax related documents but it also offers many other facilities to the user. TRACES can also be used to check the TDS and verify the Form 16. Along with this, it is possible to view the income tax refund with help of TRACES. The link to the races is

It should be noted that TRACES is mainly used by the deductor or the party who deducts the income tax on behalf of the employee. In this article, we are going to share the process to register for Traces and the process to login to the portal.

Traces Login

How to Register for TRACES?

  • To start the registration process, you can visit the Traces website with help of the link listed above and from the right side of the screen, click on Register as New User.
  • You will now get to choose the type of user you want to register as and in this tab, you can register as a Deductor. Click on Proceed to move to the next step.
  • Now, enter the details of the TAN along with the Captcha Code. After entering the details, you will be routed to a new page where you will have to enter the CIN/BIN and PAN Details. Also, enter the Token Number and other mandatory details.
  • An authentication code will now be generated and it is important to validate the authentication code so as to complete the registration.
  • In this next step, you will be able to create a user name and password for yourself. This will enable you to create an account and with this, you will receive an email from the TRACES. The email would have an activation link.
  • Click on the activation link from your email to activate your account.

You have now registered for the TRACES website. You have your user name and password which can help you with the login. To understand the Login Process, refer to the process below

How to Login for TRACES?

  • To login to the TRACES Portal, visit the Traces portal with help of the link listed above.
  • On the page, click on the Login button from the left side of the page and you will be redirected to the login page for the TRACES.
  • Here, select Deductor and enter the User ID, Password along with TAN Number to login. Click on login and you will be redirected to the login page.

This was the process to register for TRACES website and Login to the portal. For any other help, you can contact the Traces helpline with help of contact details listed on the website.

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