Top Ten Most Amazing Bridges In The World Right Now

5. Tsing Ma Bridge – Hong Kong, China

Tsing Ma Bridge - Hong Kong, China

The crown city of Hong Kong is not only known for its skyscrapers and sizzling Cantonese food, it is also known for having some of the best and most efficient transportation infrastructures in the world. Probably owing to its limited space, the Tsing Ma Bridge is a great example of this efficiency, as it has significantly decreased the traffic in this densely populated territory.

4. Gateshead Millennium Bridge – Gateshead, United Kingdom

Gateshead Millennium Bridge - Gateshead, United Kingdom

This bridge is actually very short and is used primarily by bikers. However, it is clearly an engineering and architectural wonder! This bridge is the only tilting bridge in the world and seems to be blinking or winking when one looks at it from afar. This is why it has often been called the “Winking Bridge.”

3. Ponte Vecchio – Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio - Florence, Italy

This very picturesque bridge is a photographer’s favorite. It was constructed during the height of the Roman Empire and remains passable even up to now. Rich in Italy history, it also survived the worst battles of the second world war and was reportedly ordered by Adolf Hitler himself to be preserved.

2. Sydney Harbor Bridge – Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Aside from the Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is also one of the Australian city’s iconic structures. This is the site of choice of many events held in Sydney that are open to the public such as New Year’s parties and the like.

1. Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, California, United States

Golden Gate Bridge

This is perhaps one of the most photographed bridges in the world! In USA, The Golden Gate Bridge is San Francisco’s icon and pride, and it has graced many Hollywood movies since time immemorial.