Top 10 Upcoming New Scooters (Scooty) In India

In the last few years, the two wheeler segment of riding option has witnessed a great change as the immense riding option available in the different category of bikes has experienced a great competition with the range of new gearless scooter or most famously called in India as the Scooty. The Scooter at the start of their inaugural in India’s market around 2000 were meant only for the female riders with easy to use balance and no gear option. The immense love and great performance up gradation in last few years have attracted male riders towards new scooters and the competition of riding scooter accepted by all available scooter and bike companies in India.

You are willing to buy latest scooty option available for the sale next year, here is the list of upcoming scooters in India. The competition has become much more intense and user-friendly just goes through the list for the best scooty option available.

10. Piaggio Fly

Piaggio Fly

Piaggio in the last two years has only launched the upgraded version of its leading scooter called as Vespa, in order to grab the two-wheeler market with a vast range of choice available under the same brand. Piaggio is all set to launch 125cc scooter as the upcoming scooters towards the first half of next year, some of the prominent features included in the latest scooty by Piaggio includes fuel efficiency and Italian based stunning body option.

9. TVS Dazz

TVS Dazz

TVS one of the leading India’s two-wheeler name is all set to stun the market once again with its Dazz model that was showcased in the AutoExpo 2016 and gained positive response from the audience and experts. TVS Dazz stands as the most awaited scooter in the range of upcoming scooters, the best-rated quality of the scooter includes features as lightweight body, single cylinder, vibrant color options and automatic gearbox. The price range of the scooter will be placed something around fifty thousand that makes it a good choice as an efficient scooter.

8. Yamaha Nozza

Yamaha Nozza

Yamaha Nozza is the scooter going to launch next year that will give stiff competition to the Vespa model in terms of stunning looks that is appreciable by both male and female riders. Yamaha is known well to deliver latest scooty and bikes option available that are generally aimed at the young riders. The model will be available initially with 110cc engine, more power, and most significant maneuverability. Yamaha Nozza will be available in the range between INR 50,000- 60,000.

7. Peugeot Satelis 125

Peugeot Satelis 125

Peugeot is the two wheeler company entering India’s model with its stunning three new model showcased in AutoExpo . The Satelis 125 is one of the most rumored and awaited model in the range, the engine option of the stunning scooter will be 125cc and the most talked feature of the scooter is its sporty look. This latest scooty will be installed with stunning looks that include halogen optical lights for a clearer night vision, ABS, double cradle frame, 14-inch wheel option and LCD screen showing all the needed information for the rider.

6. Hero Leap

Hero Leap

The hero is known well for manufacturing bikes and scooters best for India’s road and as per the expectation of the Indian riders. The Hybrid scooter with its stunning looks and new accessories added is the dream project of Hero since 2012, seeing a great competition in terms of performance and technology, Leap will be launched towards the start of the year 2017. The two main headlined feature of the scooter includes stunning looks and great performance.

5. Benelli Cityblade

Benelli Cityblade

The rise in the popularity in the range of scooters and bikes available in India leads new companies to eye India’s market. Benelli is one of the company wants to count big with the new model called CityBlade, the upcoming scooters in 2017 will include 125cc and 150cc model of CityBlade. The price range of scooter is expected to be tagged something around INR70,000.

4. Hero ZIR

Hero ZIR

The Hero ZIR is another Hero’s model to be launched next year, the ZIR will mark Hero’s entry in the 150cc scooter range as the scooter will be represented as sporty maxi-scooter. The stunning feature of the scooter will include a 157cc engine with liquid cool technology. The available two variant option available for the model includes flat floorboard and European style step-through.  Some of the prominent features are the dual projector, bright LED blinkers, and tail lamp.

3. Vespa GTS 300

Vespa GTS 300

Piaggio is all set to include a more upgraded model to be launched under the segment of Vespa model, the new model is likely to hold the price tag of most expensive scooter option available in India. The GTS model is likely to be introduced as the Completely Build Unit (CBU), maintaining its retro look, the engine of Vespa GTS 300 will be powered by 278cc engine. The scooter gets its LCD Display and traction control.

2. Vespa 946 Emporio Armani Edition

Vespa 946 Emporio Armani Edition

The jaw dropping stunning looks with aluminum body option and Emporio Armani Badge will be a riding option for the rich class as the initial price range of the scooter with 125cc engine with single cylinder will be 8 lakh to 9 lakh. The price range is too steep for the 125cc scooter.

1. TVS EnTorq 125

TVS EnTorq 125

The concept of future bikes and scooter showcased YVS Entorq 210 scooter, TVS is examining the response and the most innovative looking scooter with a 125cc scooter to be called as TVS EnTorq 125 listed as the top rumored scooter of 2017. Fuel tank capacity of the scooter will be 8.5 litres and linked with CVT gearbox.