Top 10 Things that Always Unite India

India’s unity is in its diversity. Since ages the country with so much of difference in language, culture, art has stayed together celebrated different festivals together. It is one such nation, which has so many languages and still stays together. The country comes together in a lot of occasions, where the unity of the place is defined so well and can be seen by everyone. There are few moments in the country when everyone comes together as one and it is one of the best moments in the country where everyone is equal and treats each other equally.

Here are the Top Ten Things that Unite India:

10. Social media

Social Media

Yes, social media is one such thing that unite the country. While on a social media no one knows the caste, creed or anything of the person unless disclosed. And it is one such media where people come, meet other people from different states and talk and also share their views. It is thus one of the things that unites the country.

9. Indian Army

Siachen indian army

India has one of the biggest armed forces in the world. And in this army there is no discrimination. People are treated equal and there is no caste division and nothing as such and all the people come out together as one and with just one aim in their mind that is to fight for the nation. It is thus one of the top ten things that unites the country.

8. The Indian Constitution

The Indian Constitution is written in such a way that it doesn’t discriminate between people and there is no gender or caste discrimination in the constitution. Of course the women are given more privileges than man, and that is because in earlier days women weren’t independent as they are today and dependent on their husband or families. And there is no caste discrimination in the constitution.

7. Education

The educational institutions are one such place, that unites the country. There so many colleges where people from across the country come to study and they all study together, stay together and have fun together. It is one such thing that unites the country and it is also a positive thing.

6. Festivals

Holi Festival

Be it Holi, Diwali, Christmas or Eid the festivals are celebrated together. The people won’t attend their respective prayers but they will join each other to have the delicious things that are made on these days. And hence, they all come together and celebrate the festivals together.

5. The Vote System

This is one of the perks of being in a democratic country where you get to chose the person and select your political leader. It unites the nation as it is always a unanimous decision as to who will become the leader of their country. Though there is a lot of politics in it but In the end its just the people who decide. Hence, voting thus unite the nation upto some extent.

4. The Indian History

The Indian History is very rich and classic. A lot of people have sacrificed their life for the country and today everyone remembers them and celebrate the national events together as one country.

3. Tolerance towards other religious beliefs

With so many religions in one country like Hindu , Muslim , Sikh, Christian, Parsis, Buddhists, Jains and many more religions and every religion having its own beliefs which is followed by the respective religions and people, it makes the country very tolerable in that case and no one objects and respects the other regions. This is one such thing that unites the country.

2. No trade Barriers

The country has common currency for everyone and there is no way of discrimination in that case. Everyone has the right to use the Indian currency and it makes trading accessible for everyone. It is thus one of the things that unite the nation.

1. Sports


Sports is one of the few things that unite the country. It is a place where cricket is considered as a religion and it is the only religion which everyone follows. They celebrate when the country wins and feels sad when they lose and they do it all together. Apart from cricket, the country celebrates a lot of other sports as well, which just unites them