10 Best Top Tech Companies In India to Work This Year

You wait the entire weekdays to turn in soothing two days leave than switching job the job is a must need. Once a person leads a professional life, he or she wants to move ahead in terms of money, reputation and working environment, as the working conditions giving utmost importance and most of the employees go for the option with worker-friendly structure as working towards company’s and personal development is the prominent task of all employees. New Year is arriving soon so what are you waiting for, here is the list of top available switch option in the Tech department, just go for the top choices available.

The ranking of all the companies is charted by leading Job portal known as Glass door, these listing is graphed as per the subjective questions to the employees of these companies, the criteria for deciding the best is mannerism of work load and added features that offer work with fun. The basic rule for the comparison is company should be equipped with 1,000 employees, so go for the options mark them and try your best to enroll in these tech giants for a better and bright future.

10. Mindbody


One of the leading name in the Tech department, the name suits the company best as apart directing techies way towards the betterment of the company, the Mindbody offers relaxation time while working as relaxing rooms are installed with soothing music and calming temperature maintained to find peace at work. Imagine peaceful mind at work a rare combination of bunch of happy employees leads the company at the 10th spot in our list.

9. Zillow


Zillow Group or we can simply call the company Zillow is an online based real estate company that was founded in the year 2006, the company works with the module to generate revenues by selling advertisement on its website. The company is popular for allowing employees to utilize their caliber as the decision to be made that generates better revenue for the company and Zillow also credits their employees for the success with considerable profit share and appreciations.

8. LinkedIn


The website based on the communication module between the job giver and the job seeker that works with the process of social networking site has emerged as the right platform for businesses and employment-oriented propaganda. The company was founded in the year 2002 and launched in 2003. As for now most of the revenue for the company is grabbed from selling access to information about its users to interested recruiters and sales professionals.

7. Apple


90% population of the world wants to own fancy looking Apple series of phones and 65% of the total population use it as the medium of communication, just imagine linking with the company that leads the Tech market with great figures. Apple offers a lavish working environment, all you need to develop your skills and qualification to call an Apple Employee. Apart phones the other leading products Apple offers are Gear watches and sensational power packed performer Macbook series.

6. Mathworks


Yes, you heard it right, excellent in Tech department and especially in Mathematical based computing software, Mathworks Inc. is ready to grab your skills and stands as the leading developer of the software that is generally based on Mathematics. All you need in the company is to use your trickiness for an easy Math.

5. Adobe


Adobe Systems Incorporated is known well for developing Computer based software, the American Multinational Company helped us to read bulky assignments and books in the pdf format as most of the computer has installed Adobe Reader one of the most appreciated software of the company. Working at Adobe will not only add more reputation in society, it will also add more money in your pocket.

4. Qualcomm


Qualcomm as the name suggest is the World’s largest 3G networking company and also it leads many innovative ideas to develop mobile as the solo unit to address all your technological needs. A career in Qualcomm will surely garnish your skills with most productive in return perks and appreciation.

3. Facebook


The name needs no explanation as the World’s most sued social networking site with its reach in each and every corner of globe is the dream work destination for Tech employees, the basic thumb rule forever growing popularity of company is its skills and usage to connect people around the world with news feeds, messenger, photo galleries all under one roof.

2. F5 Networks

F5 Networks

F5 Networks Inc is an American Based Multinational Company that has specialization in the Application Delivery Networking (ADN) that works as delivery of network-based application and performance. The company has made it to the second rank as it offers leaves under several sections.

1. Google


Google is the answer to every question and the answer is best, in the case of the best working condition and best available switching choice. The fun based working environment never lets you feel old in Google, employees of Google never talk about switching company that leads the company to the top in our list.

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