Top 20 Best Smartphone Companies (Brands) In The World

Controlling the world at the fingertip is not any imaginary saying these days; especially since the inception of the Smartphone concepts. People are keeping updates about their favorite Smartphone, or platforms like their favorite stars. You will be even more amazed upon knowing the amount that these manufacturers earn. In this article, we have listed top 20 mobile manufacturing companies in the world and there are many new entrants to list.

In recent years, there are many Chinese companies which took over the market share by offering smartphones which are affordable yet which are high on features. Also, companies like Google entered the market space with its flagship model so let us go through the list –

20. Micromax


This is an Indian company with its headquarters in Gurugram and the company was incepted in 2000. By 2008, the company started selling smartphones and captured a lot of market share because of the phones which were low in price yet had all the possible features. One of the famous phone from Micromax was a phone that featured a month-long battery backup. This is surely one of the best companies in the world

19. TCL Communication

TCL Communication

TCL is another Chinese brand which manufactures consumer electronics and home appliance. The company was incepted in 1981 and in 2014, the company acquired the brand called Palm. The brand was acquired by HP for manufacturing smartphones. In addition to this, the company also signed an agreement with Blackberry to produce the blackberry phones.

18. Gionee

The Chinese manufacturer has shown its excellence. Since inception in 2002, the company is going really strong. It stands at number ten position in our line-up. It came into highlights after making 6.14 million shipments during thefirst quarter, 2014.

17. ZTE


ZTE is one of the pretty experienced manufacturers. Incredible is to see their consistency, the way they have performed so far since 1985. Especially, the company has expertise in making low-cost devices with excellent features.

16. Yulong


Yulong is also a Chinese company which sells the phone under a brand called Coolpad. The brand had been one of the largest mobile phone makers in the past and it was eventually able to displace HTC in the local market. The smartphones manufactured by the company were durable and great in terms of design.

15. Meizu


Meizu is a Chinese brand which manufactures smartphones. The company was founded in 2003 by a high school dropout and it was in 2008 when the company started manufacturing smartphones. The revenue of the company in 2013 was estimated to be 451.5 Million Dollars and the company sells its products across the globe.

14. Xiaomi


Here we come up with another Chinese manufacturer in the compilation. Within a very short while the company managed to make a whopping business. It was founded in 2010, and by an initial business quarter last year it had made 10.68 million shipments.

13. Nokia


After up to the mark performance in last financial quarter, the Finnish manufacturer has well secured its place in this line-up. Reportedly, the company has witnessed nine percent growth in last business quarter, which well matched the expectations of analysts. Nokia is expecting a great growth Under New Owner Microsoft.

12. Oppo


Oppo was established in 2004 and it is also a Chinese manufacturer and one of the most popular phone of this company was Selfie Expert F series. The phone was targeting the young people who are love to take selfies as the phone had a high-resolution front camera. It is also the number one smartphone seller in China and at present, the company also holds the rights to sponsored Indian national cricket team till 2022.

11. Vivo


Yet another Chinese company on our list and this was founded way back in 2009. The phones manufactured runs on Android and in addition to this, the company released many phones in 2012 which enabled the company to capture a good market share and as per the stats, it had 2.7% of global market share in 2017.


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