Top 10 Signs of A Narrow Minded Person

hen you are narrow minded, it doesn’t mean that you are evil, what it means is that you have a limited thinking capacity. It can happen to anyone as there are several causes of someone becoming narrow minded. Some people who at birth were sharp, become narrow minded after being exposed to harsh life conditions; some due to lack of enough education, lack of exposure;others do become narrow minded due to varied experiences and especially when not accepted and loved during their early years in life.

Here are some of the top 10 signs that someone is narrow minded

Top 10 Signs of A narrow Minded Person

10. You tend to generalize everything

This is very true.  William Blake was quoted as saying “To generalize is to be an idiot”. It is only an idiot who will try to generalize things like when you visit the United States and then some Italians mistreat you, for a narrow minded person, it won’t be those particular Italians but the entire population of Italians are bad. It is only idiots who will generalize that all politicians are corrupt and to idiots, all government officials take bribes.

9. You are Judgmental

It is only a narrow minded person who will have preconceived notion about events, people and several other things without proof. Instead of analyzing and discovering, a narrow minded person will judge a movie, person, book, or anything else quickly. It is only a narrow minded person who has an instant judgement of something because he is comparing it to the way he found another one of the same kind.

8. You Do Not Discuss Your Core Beliefs With Others

If you cannot share your beliefs with friends, family and relatives due to fact that you cannot stand their contrary judgment, then you are narrow minded. In case you haven’t done that in your life, know that you are trading on the narrow lane in your mind, unwilling to go the wider highway with others.

7. You Are Unable To Socialize at Work or Anywhere Else

If you are unable to socialize with friends at work and with family at home, know that you are narrow minded. Some will urge that they are introverts, the difference between an introvert and a narrow minded person when it comes to this is that, for an introvert, he will enjoy listening, laugh with people and holds no grudges, but a narrow minded person will find fellow women and men to be too stupid or unworthy to socialize with.

6. You Enjoy Pin Pointing the Shortcomings

If you like pin pointing more than appreciating what is around you then you are an idiot. Try to analyze the last 48 hours, have you been whining or feeling grateful? If you have just been complaining about the evils of society, then probably your mind has narrowed down to your thinking that everything in society is negative.

5. You are Not Open To New Ideas

You might seem to be religious, conservative or liberal on the outside yet deep inside you are a closed shell which is unwilling to open to new ideas. Like you might not be willing to accept that your religion is not the best yet there are facts to that effect.

4. You Contact Your Friends Only When You are Sad

When you are happy, you keep to yourself, when you are frustrated or sad, you look for your friends, that is a sign of being narrow minded.

3. You Fail To Interact Well With A Friend Once You Discover a Negative Part of Him

When doing self analysis, it might prove to be hard to recognize this tendency, but the best way is to analyze  a situation where a friend acted stupidly, what was your reaction? If you didn’t want anything to do with him, that is a sign of narrow mindedness.

2. You Do Not Like Anyone Who Disagrees With You

If you have always wanted people to agree with whatever suggestions you come up with without resistance, the chances that you are narrow minded is 100%.

1. You are Obsessed With Righteousness

You always want to be right, even when you are aware of your wrong doing……that is a sign of narrow minded.

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