Top 10 One Minute Kitty Party Games for Indian Ladies

Kitty parties are nothing less than festive occasions in the lives of Indian women, which give them an opportunity to let their hair down and enjoy to the fullest. Gone are the days when kitty party games were combined to tambola and antakshari, as women have now found innovative games to entertain themselves in new ways.

Here are top 10 one (1) minute kitty party games ideas for ladies:

1. Dumb Charades

The traditional dumb charades game is among the most entertaining one minute kitty games for ladies. The members are divided into two groups and one member is each group is given the name of a movie by the other team, which she has to enact for her team to guess in a minute.

2. Light the Candles

Just a few dozen of candles and match sticks is what you need for this exciting game. The candles are lined up in a row and the person who lights the maximum number of candles with minimum number of matchsticks in one minute is the winner of the game.

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3. Making a Popcorn Garland

Another cool kitty party game which can be played in just one minute is making a popcorn garland. Women have to make a garland by threading popcorns in a thread with a needle and the one who makes the longest garland wins the game.

4. Sew Buttons on a Shirt

The household skills of women are tested in this game in which they have to sew the maximum number of buttons on a shirt. It has to be done neatly to be counted in the game.

5. Guess the Movies

Some movies are shown on a piece of paper in the form of pictures, for instance, a picture of fire shows the movie called “Fire/Aag”, while that of rain stands for “Barsaat”. The kitty members have to guess the right names in 1 minute and the one who makes the maximum right guesses is victorious in the game.

6. One Minute Memory Test

Next on the list of top 10 best one minute kitty party games for women is the one minute memory test. A basket full of different things like thread, hair clips, pens, flowers, lipstick, etc is shown to the participants for a minute and then they are asked to write the names of the objects based on their memory. The lady who can recall the maximum number is the winner.

7. Stack the Coins

Stack the Coins is a game of hand-eye co-ordination and balance, wherein ladies have to make the biggest stacks of coins to win the game.

8. Draping a Saree

Another entertaining kitty party game is one minute saree drape game, in which the members have to drape a saree in a minute. The one who does it the best is declared as the winner.

9. Applying Nail Polish

Applying nail polish in one minute is a cool one minute kitty game you can arrange for your party. The ladies have to apply nail polish on their tips and toes in the neatest manner to emerge as the winners.

10. Putting Straws in Hair

An excellent one minute kitty game is putting the maximum number of straws in one’s hair in a minute’s time.

Some other cool one minute game ideas for ladies kitty party are braiding the hair, writing a love letter, peeling maximum number of oranges/boiled potatoes, chopping vegetables and putting shoe laces in shoes. All of these must be completed in one minute, which adds to the entertainment value of these games.

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