Top 10 Funny Kitty Party Games for Indian Ladies

Kitty parties are one of the most popular attraction for the Asian women. This is particularly a special game organized by the women of the society in which usually housewives are involved. As the men are busy in their businesses, the women of the society finds their activity through this kitty party.

Kitty parties are fun and often different types of games and activities are performed by its members. Each member of the party arrange the gathering once in a month at their home by collecting kitty from every member.

There are many different types of games that can be played in kitty party. Below is the list of top 10 funny kitty party games for Indian Ladies.

Below is the list of top 10 funny kitty party games for Indian Ladies:

Kitty Party Games

10. Guess the Pages

To play this game, you need to have blank papers, pen and a few books. The pages and pen will be distributed to each of the members in the party. The host will hold a book and show it to the members. The members will have to make a guess about the total number of pages in the book and write it down on the paper. The member with a nearest guess will win the game.

9. Knots & Strings

You need a string or thread for this game. Each string will be provided to the members of the party. The members will be asked to tie as many knots as they can in 30 seconds and then ask them to untie them surprisingly. The member with the least knots will win the game.

8. Picture Game

All the members of the party are divided into two teams. Each member of the team will draw a picture card from the deck and draw the image on the board. The other players will guess the picture. Both teams play this consecutively. The one with greater score wins the game.

7. Guess the Advertisement

The host of the game creates a list of 20 to 30 advertisement taglines and when the game starts, the tagline will be announced and the group of members will have to guess the product or service. The team who guesses the maximum number of products will win.

6. Candles Lightening Game

This game is pretty common among the kitty parties. Each of the team members will come one by one and light the candles in 30 seconds. If the match stick extinguishes, he can get another but the time limit cannot be extended. The member who lights up more candles will be the winner.

5. Straw Game

The host of the party puts the kidney beans in a bowl and the members will have to suck the beans with a straw and place them in a separate plate within a time limit of 2 minutes. The person who places maximum beans will win the game.

4. Bingo Game

Another quite popular and interesting game is the bingo game. The players will have to match the numbers on a 5×5 pre-printed matrices from a randomly announced numbers. The member will call “Bingo” when he matches the number in series.

3. Passing the Orange

All the members are divided into two teams and the team is lined up in a line. The orange is passed to the other members by just using their necks and chin without dropping. If the orange is dropped the team can pick it but will have to start it again.

2. Sexy Dance Game

The members of the party will seduce the participants using the dance moves. The eyes are usually covered of the dancers and they perform the dance for 30 seconds. The applause of the audience will decide the winner.

1. Blowing Beans

The host will divide the table in two parts with a chalk. The beans are placed on one side and the participants will have to move the beans to the other part by blowing it with a straw.

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