Top 10 Most Popular TV Channels In The World

The world of television has really grown in leaps and bounds. From very limited offerings and recycled and totally formulaic content in the past, television today was a total far cry from how it was during its early years. The boob tube today has become nothing short of revolutionary. All kinds of genres and niche programs may be seen on television that it is even sometimes more creative than the world of movies or film making.

Over the years, many television channels have offered a variety of really diverse programming. Many of these channels were vastly supported by the televiewers. Unfortunately, some channels gained huge support at first but slowly dried out in terms of viewership as time went by. Still, other television channels really could not put things together from the get go.

This list dishes to you the top 10 most popular television channels in the world. These channels, mostly found on cable, has enjoyed years of incredible success in terms of programming and viewership. How many of these television channels do you actually patronize?

10. Cartoon Network

Kids and kids at heart simply just can’t get enough of animated features. This is why Turner Broadcasting System and its parent company Time Warner, created this channel for the love of cartoons. Children simply love this channel. It even enables them to behave while their nannies and parents do the household chores of work in the office.

9. Disney Channel

Disney Channel

The enduring popularity of Disney and its collection of characters and stories prove to be very fertile ground in creating a television channel that centered solely on the world of the late great Walt Disney. Children and adults alike truly love this channel. Whenever they are craving for their regular dose of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or even Snow White and The Lion King, all they need to do is tune in to this channel.

8. AXN

AXN channel

AXN is owned by Sony Pictures and the Columbia Broadcasting System. It is a multi-faceted cable channel that shows a variety of American and western-derived shows such as crime and police procedural dramas, reality television, a little bit of sports and a little bit of music. It is very popular among television audiences of all ages and from all walks of life.

7. BBC Food

BBC Food

Women and even men who love the culinary arts enjoy television channels that allow them to learn various types of cuisines and channels that also teach them many more ways on how to explore the kitchen. This is what BBC Food Channel is all about. It widens your world into a magnificent gustatory experience that will surely whet your appetite.

6. Star World

Star World

Star World is the television channel to tune into should one desire a smorgasbord of viewing fare. It has animated features, drama series, special events, comedy series, talk shows, and even concerts and documentaries. It serves as some sort of sieve where the best of television programming in the United States is beamed for non-Americans to enjoy and get hooked on.