Top 10 Most Expensive Airline Tickets In The World

Air travel has become the most popular means of travel in the modern times, because it saves time and also gives you the ultimate comfort you will get nowhere else. But the fact remains that it cannot be afforded by everyone as it is the most expensive travel option, with air ticket prices skyrocketing day by day.

Here is the list of 10 most expensive airplane tickets

1. Los Angeles to Dubai, Emirates

The most expensive airline ticket in the present time is the Emirates flight from Los Angeles to Dubai, whose air fare reaches a whopping $ 30000. The 16 hour flight offers excellent facilities for a luxurious travel experience, with private suites, mini bars, spas and mattress beds. This is the favorite travel option of many celebrities and top businessman.

2. New York to Hong Kong, Lufthansa

Sharing the same ticket price of $ 30000 is the Lufthansa flight from New York to Hong Kong, which offers a memorable travel experience with plush amenities like excellent food from top chefs and vintage wines, humidifiers and personal assistants.

3. San Francisco to Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways

Another expensive air ticket is from Etihad Airways, which costs $ 28090 and provides amazing facilities like leather upholstery, mini bars and a la carte menu, all of which fully justify the ticket price.

4. New York to Beijing, Korean Air

The largest airline in South Korea, Korean Air is the next name on this list, with its ticket from New York to Beijing costing $ 27000. Excellent food and wine, along with high tech sleeper seats are the best features of this airline.

5. Hong Kong to New York City, Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is an award winning airline, which caters a flight from Hong Kong to New York City with a ticket cost of $ 26572, making it one of the costliest ticket in the world in 2015.

6. New York to Singapore, Swiss Air

Featuring next on the list of top 10 most expensive airline plane tickets 2015 is the Swiss Air ticket from New York to Singapore, which costs $ 22265. This flight experience is absolutely amazing, with features like full length beds and toiletry packages.

7. New York to Singapore, Virgin Atlantic

Another expensive air ticket is that of Virgin Atlantic flight from New York to Singapore, which stands at a price of $ 21000. Plush comfort of reclining seats, entertainment screens and gourmet cuisine are some amenities offered in this flight.

8. Los Angeles to Tokyo, Japan Airlines

Next among the costliest airline plane ticket in 2015 is the Japan Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo, costing $ 16078. The flight offers exotic wines, mattress beds, entertainment systems and leather upholstery.

9. Los Angeles to Melbourne, Qantas

With a ticket price of $ 14974, the Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne comes next among the top 10 most expensive airplane tickets in 2015. Leather seats, touch screen entertainment and reclining beds are some features of this flight.

10. New York to Singapore/Singapore Airlines

Another costly air ticket is that of Singapore Airlines, which carries passengers from New York to Singapore for a ticket price of $ 14000. It boasts of private suites, with star rated facilities like dining table and entertainment system. You can relish great food and wine on this flight.

All these airlines are reputed for providing excellent facilities and are hot favorites for the rich and the famous. This makes the exorbitant ticket prices rightly deserved.

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