Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads Around The World

When one travels down the road, safety is always the primary precaution. Over the years, the world’s harshest and remotest regions had all been reached by the wonders of civil engineering and architecture. Admittedly, the world has indeed become smaller that people can virtually go to any place any time they want. That is the current reality.

However, there are still regions and places in this world that pose a great danger when one aims to go to such places. The destination itself may not be as perilous, but the journey and the road going there are.

This list dishes to you the 10 most dangerous roads in the world. These roads have taken a considerable death toll and have been the site of not just a few accidents. Any tourist or local is advised to take extreme precaution when driving down this road.

10. Sichuan-Tibet Highway – China

Sichuan-Tibet Highway - China

This long and winding road is located between the cities of Chengdu and Tibet in China. It has already claimed the lives of some 7,500 people. It is extremely hard to maneuver down this road, as it is prone to various landslides and avalanches that are very unpredictable. It is extremely recommended not to travel this road during the rainy season and during poor weather conditions.

9. The Stelvio Pass – Italy

This road should only be taken by the careful and experienced driver as any sharp turn and the minutest of driving error could actually spell disaster. This road is located on the Italian Alps. Naturally, the elevation itself is already quite harsh. Those with motion sickness should also not attempt to take this road – either as a driver or even as a passenger. It really has sharp curves.

8. Los Caracoles Pass – Chile

This road lies in the mountainous and snow-capped borders of Chile and Argentina in the continent of South America. While this road is maintained well and is relatively in good condition, the harsh climate and poor visibility have made it very dangerous. The snow, which is present in this region the whole year round, also adds to the road being very slippery and therefore – dangerous.

7. Skippers Canyon Road – New Zealand

This road is located on a cliff in serene New Zealand. Not all are permitted to drive down this road as it is extremely dangerous. A permit is necessary for any driver. The road is extremely narrow and it passes thru a very high altitude and gets problematic when another vehicle comes from the opposite direction.

6. The Zoji Pass – India

The Zoji Pass - India

This road is located between the regions of Ladakh and Kashmir. It is essential especially to the people of Ladakh because this road keeps them connected and integrated with the rest of the world. This bridge is located in a high altitude and there are no fences nor borders that are put in place on the road sides so as to prevent any vehicular fall during an accident. It is closed during the winter months.

5. Guoliang Tunnel Road – China

This road was literally carved out of the cliffs and mountains surrounding the near-isolated village of Guoliang. It is located on a very high altitude and is extremely narrow that one even fails to see a bird’s eye view of it. However, it remains a necessity as it connects Guoliang to the rest of China.

4. Karakoram Highway – Pakistan

This road has an elevation of around 5,000 feet above sea level. While it called “Friendship Bridge,” this road is actually far from being friendly. It is prone to landslides and and floods. Worse, it is actually unpaved.

3. James Dalton Highway – Alaska, USA

This road is 667 kilometers and starts in Fairbanks all the way to the remote Arctic circle. Aside from the harsh weather conditions, it is also extremely windy and could be rocky at time because it lies in the middle of the snowy Alaskan wilderness.

2. Jalalabad-Kabul Road – Afghanistan

This road is 700 meters above sea level, narrow, and winding. But what makes it even more dangerous is that it leads you from the capital city of Kabul to Jalalabad – which is known as a stronghold of the radical group Taliban.

1. North Yungas Road – Bolivia

North Yungas Road - Bolivia

This is the most dangerous road in the world – having killed some 250 passengers yearly. It is located on very high altitude and is barely paved. It has met more accidents and caused fatalities more than any other road in the world!