Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India Right Now

5. Public service commission in States

State government public service commission is also a highly reputed job. Every year lakhs of students applies to appear in State public service commission examination. State Public Service Commission jobs are known for lucrative salaries and additional benefits from the State government. The average salary of Public Service Commission officer varies from INR 90,000 to INR 2, 00,000 per month.

4. Indian Railways Engineer

Indian Railways is one of the biggest government employers in the country. Working as an engineer at Indian Railways is a prestigious job. The job is associated with high salary package and additional benefits. Due to the numerous benefits and salary package associated with the job, several engineers apply to secure a job in Indian Railways. The average salary of Indian Railways Engineer varies from INR 60,000 to INR 1, 40,000 per month.

3. Job in Public Sector Unit

Every year Public Sector Units in India like BHEL, SAIL, ONGC and HAL produces several job opportunities for the young generation. The employees working at the Public Sector Units are highly paid and enjoy flexible working hours. The employee of Public Sector Units also enjoys several additional benefits. To enter the Public Sector Unit one needs to crack the entrance examinations. The average salary of officer in Public Sector Unit varies from INR 50,000 to INR 1, 30,000 per month.

2. Jobs at Reserve Bank of India

Job in Reserve Bank of India is one of the most reputed jobs in the country right now. To enter the apex bank of the country one needs to be smart and intelligent enough to crack the written examination. The job at Reserve Bank of India offers high salary package with several additional benefits. People working at Reserve Bank of India are treated with utmost respect in the society. The average salary of officer in RBI varies from INR 80,000 to INR 1, 80,000 per month.

1. Indian Administrative Services

Indian Administrative Services is one of the most desired and respected jobs in the country. Indian Administrative Services is associated with great perks such as high salary packages, health benefits, and social privileges. It takes lots of hard work to prepare and crack civil service examinations. The average salary of officer in Indian Administrative Services varies from INR 70,000 to INR 2, 40,000 per month.

The above-listed jobs are the top ten highest paying government jobs in India right now.