Top 10 Highest Milk Producing Countries In The World

Milk is the most common source of protein in the entire world. It is very important for the balanced nutrition of every single person, specially those young ones. Milk is actually taken from the animals namely cows, goats, sheep, and carabaos or buffalos. Since this is a very in demand product, a lot of countries worldwide are making milk as their main product that will be exported everywhere.

In relation to this, here are the top 10 highest milk producing countries in the world 2016:

Milk Producing

10. Turkey

 Turkey is a country in Asia that has close proximity to a number of European countries. This is the main reason why the people in this nation have European and Asian culture and traditions. It is one of the most visited countries in the world because of its breathtaking, historic architectures. Other than that, the country is well-known when it comes to producing buffalo milks. Based on the recent data being recorded, the country has produced 19 million tonnes of milk.

9. New Zealand

New Zealand is the major provider of milk to a number of countries in the whole world such as China. In fact, when it comes to milk, people would automatically think about this small country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. There is no question about that since this country is made up of wide green pastures where goats, cows, carabaos, and sheep can be raised. It has recently produced around 21.53 million tonnes of milk.

8. France

France is known to be a rich country located in the western part of Europe. It capital city, Paris, is popular as one of the fashion capitals the world has to offer. Even so, do you know that France is also famous in producing a significant amount of milk? Yes, you read it right. Based on the recent record, the country has managed to produce as much as 23.2 million tonnes of milk.

7. Russia

Russia is one of the most powerful countries in the world, and it is also the biggest nation the world has to offer. Because of this, this country is absolutely a renowned one. When talking about products, Russia also became popular because of its higher production of milk that is exported worldwide. The estimated amount of milk it produced just recently was around 29 million tonnes.

6. Germany

Germany is another country located in the western part of Europe that is also becoming popular because of milk production. The country has a wide forest and farmlands, which is why a lot of people here are raising animals that can be great sources of milk like cows. Last year, Germany has produced 29.34 million tonnes of milk.

5. Brazil

Brazil is a huge country located in South America, and in terms of farmlands, it can offer thousands of hectares. This is why raising cows and goats is one of the livelihoods of the people living in the country. These animals will then be the sources of a considerable amount of milk that will be exported in some other countries. It is recently recorded that the country has produced 37.5 million tonnes of milk.

4. Pakistan

Last year, it was recorded that Pakistan has produced 42 million tonnes of milk. There is actually no question about that since the country is well-known in raising goats and cows. Most of the milk produced were taken from cows, and only smaller amounts were taken from goats.

3. China

Third on the list of top 10 highest milk producing countries in the world 2016 is China. Since this country has a very high population, its very high milk production is not enough. This is the main reason why the country still imports a considerable amount of milk from the other countries. Annually, it produces 45 million tonnes of milk.

2. USA

Cow is the main source of milk of the United States of America. The country has a number of huge milk processing plants being distributed on its 23 states such as Texas, Wisconsin, New York, Minnesota, and Idaho. The annual production of milk in the United States reaches as much as 93.5 million tonnes.

1. India

Number one in the list is India, which produces around 146.31 million tonnes of milk in an annual basis. It is all because of the great numbers of cattle raised in the country, particularly in the India states of Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, and Rajasthan.

These are the top 10 highest milk producing countries in the world 2016. When it comes to milk, no other countries can surpass them so far.