Top 10 Hidden Treasures You Should Search For

5. The $63 Million Hidden Bedford County

Silver and gold worth $63 million was buried by three kids who discovered it while working in the Rocky Mountains. They decided to create ciphers;  one with the description of the treasure, and one with the exact location of the treasure and one with the name of Thomas. This was entrusted to an Innkeeper Robert Morriss, who was supposed to wait 10 years before opening the treasure and he was to get the  key if Thomas didn’t return of the box. No key was mailed.

4. The Golden owl Hidden in France

In 1993, Max Valentin (not his real name) decided to turn everyone in France into  treasure hunter. He hid a golden owl somewhere and told whoever gets it, would be given 1 million Franc, to date, someone is yet to find it.

3. The Oak Island Money Pit

It is located off the shores of Nova Scotia, where in 1975, a teenager claimed to have seen a mysterious light coming from the island and he later found a small circular hole. Several people, including President Roosevelt and even big corporations have had an interest, but to date, nobody has yet discovered the treasure.

2. The Treasure of Jean LaFitte

This was a French pirate who together with his brothers, made a living by attacking merchant ships in the Gulf of Mexico.  When he died, the treasure he left behind began being discussed in Louisiana, where it was claimed that  it was buried in Lake Borgne on the coast of New Orleans.

1. The Forrest Fenn Hidden Treasure

The Forrest Fenn Hidden Treasure

Fenn was a pilot in the Air Force in the 1960s and during his time, he gathered artifacts which were worth $1-3 millions. When he was diagnosed in 1980s with kidney cancer, he decided to hide his treasure and gave out clues to where he hid them. They haven’t been found to date.

Join the search for the above treasures and you might become a millionaire overnight. Share this wonderful information with your social network who knows, one of them might just be lucky to get the treasure.