Top 10 Endangered Animals in India

With the race of time, many animals have slowly lost their place in the planet. Plenty of animals that once roamed the earth are now extinct. Many of them are on the verge of it. India is a land of many animals and many rare species are found here. However, plenty of them are now marked as endangered and steps are taken to conserve them.

There are many animals that have been marked and listed as endangered; however, these are the list of the Top 10 animals which are endangered in India.

10. Great Indian Bustard

Great Indian Bustard

It is majorly found in India and some part of Pakistan. These are mostly found in the dry places of the Indian subcontinent. The large birds poss heavy and horizontal body. Even the birds appear like Ostrich, but they can fly. They have bare legs and considered one of the heaviest birds that can fly. There was a time when they were found in large numbers but according to last counting only a few are left. According to the data provided in 2011, the Great Indian Bustard birds are 250 in numbers and have been listed as the Endangered Animal.

9. Pondicherry Shark

Pondicherry Shark

One of the most rare and important species of India is the Pondicherry Shark. The sharks are small in size and gray in color. The size of the sharks is more than a meter and can grow up to 4 ft. The long and pointed snout of the shark has special upper teeth. It is serrated near the base and edged at the tip and that distinguishes it from others. The last Pondicherry Shark was spotted in 1979 and heavy fishing is considered the reason of its disappear. It is marked as Endangered Animal, however, experts indicate the chances of extinction as well.

8. Leatherback Sea Turtle

Leatherback Sea Turtle

The fourth heaviest reptile of the modern world, Leatherback Sea Turtle has been marked as Endangered Animal in India. It was once very frequent in the Nicobar Islands, however, now rarely seen. The carapace of the turtle is covered with skin and flesh instead of bones and that differs it from others. It is also called as Lute Turtle or Leathery Turtle. The average length of the turtle is 6-7 ft and weigh close to 500 to 700 Kg.

7. Himalayan Wolves

Himalayan Wolves

One of the most ancient groups of wolves, the Himalayan wolves are marked as Endangered in India. The wolves are often linked with Tibetan Wolves, a sub species of the Gray Wolves. However, experts have many times claimed it to be a different genus. There are about 350 such ancient wolves left. They are majorly found in the Himachal Pradesh area of India.

6. Elvira Rat

Elvira Rat

It is one of the members of the rodent family. The Elvira Rat was once found in large numbers but now is limited to Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu. They have the brownish gray color of the upper part and whitish under part. The tail is bicolor and also helps them to move on the rock.

5. Malabar Civet

Malabar Civet

Malabar Civet is a large civet found in the Malabar coast of India. They are predominantly found in the Western Ghats of Kerala and has close to 250 mature members left. They are dusky gray in color and has special specifications. They have dark marks in the body, especially in the back and the neck. They long tail of almost 13 inches and 30 inches of body size. They are marked as Endangered Animal.

4. Siberian Crane

Siberian Crane

The Siberian Crane which used to be the migrated bird from Russia is now marked as Endangered in India. Once found in large numbers, the snow white crane now rarely seen. The world population of the bird is estimated to be 3200. However, it might have decreased by now as well. The beautiful crane is considered as one of the most liked cranes of the world.

3. Namdapha flying squirrel

Namdapha flying squirrel

One of the most beautiful and spontaneous squirrels, the Namdapha Flying Squirrel has been marked as Endangered Species. Due to heavy habitat loss, the squirrels are now slowly vanishing from the planet earth. They are found in India and seen in the North Eastern parts of the country. The grizzled fur of the animal is very attracting and has a length of around 40.5 cm.

2. Pygmy hog

Pygmy hog

The wild pig is one of the endangered species of the countries. Once found in huge numbers across India, Nepal and Bhutan are now limited to Assam state of India. The small size of the animal is the specification and it grows up to 70 cm. The dark browned skinned animal has dark hair and generally visible after the sunset.

1. Gharial


One of the most important natives of India, the Gharial has been marked as Endangered. The estimated population of the animal is around 235. The crocodile mainly eats fish has a pot shape at the end of the snout. These are one of the longest crocodiles of the world and grow up to 21 ft. They have 110 sharp teeth and found in rivers. Due to loss of river and fish, the animals are slowly vanishing from the ecosystem

Many steps have been taken to conserve and save them. In the majority of the cases, the situation has improved and it is expected that in near future the numbers might increase again.

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