Top 10 Countries with the Fastest Growing Populations

Population is increasing with each passing day in many countries. The land has not been increased but few countries are showing huge growth by number of people. The surging number of people are because of many reasons but in 2016, the growth can be easily seen.

10. Uganda

It is estimated that Uganda is going to increase by three folds of its time in coming years in terms of population. The African country is growing by 3.2 % in terms of population and constantly growing. According to the forecast the population will increase by alarming rate. It has been observed that every woman in Uganda has 6.4 children on average. Currently the population of the country is 34.5 million.

9. Indonesia

The South East Asian country is also increasing rapidly in terms of population. According to the latest forecast of 2015, the country is growing at 3.4% in the world. It is much smaller than other big countries in the world but still the 4th most populated country in the world. The population of Indonesia is 238.4 million.

8. Bangladesh

The South Asian country has been adding people very quickly. It is growing at a rate of 4.3% according to the latest forecast and expected to surge in future. It is the 9th most populated country in the world and has 150.7 million population.

7. Congo

The African country has huge population surge. It is increasing by almost 7% per year. However, the country has been placed at 7th because high mortality rate. The War ravaged country is also very prone to disease and has the highest death rate in the world. The current population of Congo is 67.8 million.

6. Ethiopia

Even though the country has good surge in population in recent years but the recent surge in numbers have been phenomenal. It is increasing at the rate 5.3% and is expected to become double of its numbers by 2050. It currently has 87.1 million people.

5. Tanzania

Another African country on the list is increasing rapidly. It is expected that the population will be tripled in Tanzania by 2050. It is growing at a high rate of 6.6% overall and growing by large despite having high death rate. The population of the country is 46.2 million.

4. United States

The 3rd most populated in the world, US is increasing rapidly as well. The highly developed nation and often consider the hub of the world attracts people from all around the world. Many people have immigrated to US for better life and that is increasing population even more. The country is growing at 7.2% and has population of 311.7 million people.

3. Pakistan

It is another country which is growing alarmingly. It is the 6th most populated country but is smaller in area than many countries. The huge surge in population is affecting the country’s economy as well. The current population of the country is 176.9 million and growing at 7.9%.

2. Nigeria

The 7th most populated country in the world is second when it becomes the growth of the population. It is expected that the country will go past others and claim the third spot on the population list only after India and China. The country currently growing at 8.4% and has 162.3 Million people.

1. India

With over 1.2 Billion people, the second most populated country in the world has no intention to slow down. India is expected to become the most populated country within two decades of time surpassing China. The country’s growth rate is almost 9.2% and is expected to be the same for coming years as well.

There are many aspects that are affecting the population surge in the world. Growing economy, immigrants, un-education are the major contributor.

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