Top 10 Biggest Treasure Found in The World Ever

With Google Earth, everything on this earth is unearthed thus no single treasure is left undiscovered. This is somehow true,  but the golden truth is that, there are some treasures by pirates and royal jewels which are hidden out there and nobody has ever uncovered them. Some of the treasures being sort after might just be an imagination of the mind of some people like the Holy Grail, which is believed to have once carried Jesus Christ blood has been sort for years without success.

Here are some of the top 10 biggest treasure found in the world ever

10. The Copper Scroll

The Copper Scroll

It was found between 1946 and 1956 at Khirbet Qumran and it holds special significance to Indiana Jones as it purports to be a treasure map. It mentions over 60 hiding places for golds and silver of varied amounts and it is very specific to the location. Nobody has ever found the goldand it is assumed the Romans might have tortured their victims and got the gold long time before killing them.

9. On Sphere Making

On Sphere Making

This is a scroll where Archimedes detailed  how the planetarium worked. The planetarium was a sphere which showed the movement of the planets, moon and sun the way it is viewed from the  earth and it was just unique in its mechanical intricacy. The original scroll is nowhere and we only learn about this from other authors like the Greek Mathematician, Pappus.

8. The Maxberg Specimen

The Maxberg Specimen

This has been hailed as an important discovery in the field of paleontology and ornithology,  which has only 11 complete fossils thus any extra discovery of any other is very valuable. The Maxberg specimen was discovered in Eduard Opitch quarry in Germany by two men in 1956. That was the third Archaeopteryx to be discovered. When he took it to the museum and was told he will pay tax for it, he returned it to his house and hid it. At the time of his death and it was nowhere and it is believed to have been stolen

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7. Duchamp’s Fountain

Duchamp’s Fountain

It is a revolutionary artwork which was created by Duchamp in 1917. The work was presented in an exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists in 1917 and it was rejected, which made Duchamp to resign from the society and started, together with his friends to drum for support for the art. In the process, the original art got lost never to be found again.

6. The Kusanagi Sword

The Kusanagi Sword

It is a sword which was used to perform rituals every time a new emperor was crowned in Japan and it was seen as a symbol of new ruler’s legitimacy. It is believed to have been used for over a thousand years. It is alleged that what is used is a copy while the original is stashed in Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya. But the original sword sunk to the bottom of the ocean during a battle in the 12th century. The copy of a copy is what is currently used.

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