10 Things That A Pregnant Woman Must Never Do

For any woman, pregnancy marks a very important chapter in her life. This is because pregnancy marks a very important transition of any woman towards motherhood – which is said to be one of the most important roles that a woman will ever play in her life. To be able to bring a healthy and beautiful infant into this world is certainly something that any expectant woman should look forward to. However, there are perils and dangers associated with pregnancy. Expectant mothers should always be careful and take precautionary measures if they want a healthy pregnancy for her and for her unborn baby.

This list details the top 10 things that any pregnant woman must not do while infanticipating. If you have a pregnant wife, relative, or friend, be sure to tell them about these things to help them out:

10. Eat an UNBALANCED diet

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In reality, eating a balanced diet is a must for everyone. It is so much more important for a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman must always have a balanced diet of grains, meat, vegetables, and fruits to make sure that a healthy baby is born after several months. This is because these foods are instrumental in healthy fetal development.

9. Indulge in STRESS

Stress is undeniably part of everyday life. However, for pregnant women, stress management and keeping stress at bay must always be done. This is because stress releases unwanted hormones and toxins that may affect normal and healthy fetal development. A woman’s mood is very important throughout her pregnancy.

8. X-Rays

During pregnancy, x-rays are a very, very big NO! X-rays are very harmful for an unborn child no matter what stage of pregnancy a woman is currently in. Most especially during the first trimester of pregnancy, this can cause chromosomal damage to the unborn child and would surely yield very unhealthy results once the baby is born.

7. Standing for long hours

It is very unhealthy for a pregnant woman to keep standing for an extended period of time. This may result to edema – or fluid accumulation in the veins of the lower limbs of the woman, which could lead to complications. It is best that a woman keeps seated and relaxed as this is good not only for her but also for her baby.

6. Massage

Many women love to pamper themselves by getting the services of a trained massage therapist. However, a pregnant woman should think twice or thrice – or even postpone getting a massage. Research shows that getting a massage when one is pregnant may facilitate premature labor for many women.

5. Extreme Exercises

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A lot of health-conscious women engage in strenuous physical exercise to keep themselves healthy. However, these types of exercises must be avoided when a woman is pregnant. Examples of extreme exercise that must not be done during pregnancy include like running and abdominal crunches.

4. Sauna baths

For a pregnant woman, going to the sauna must be avoided at all cost during the duration of the pregnancy. The abnormal increase in outside and body temperature may be too much for the baby, resulting in hormonal imbalances that have detrimental effects to an unborn child.

3. Smoking

A lot of women who continue to smoke even after finding out that they were pregnant are doing their unborn baby a lot of harm. There is direct correlation between a smoking mother and a baby that is sickly and consistently unhealthy. Even second hand smoke is very bad for a pregnant woman.

2. Drinking Alcohol


Just like smoking, drinking alcohol is very bad for a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Alcohol passes directly to the baby through its placental connection with the mother. Alcohol produces many ill effects to an unborn child, even to the point of killing the unborn child!

1. Drug Use

In reality, whether pregnant or not, a woman must never use illegal substances and recreational drugs especially when she is pregnant. This directly causes low birth weight, congenital problems, and a compromised immune system – thus making the baby very sickly.

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