Top 15 Biggest Houses in the World

A luxurious house is like a dream haven for every person and people spend their whole lives with the sole aim to acquire plush houses. There are many huge and beautiful houses around the world, which are appreciated for their beauty and luxury. A lot of people try and build the biggest house in and that is a trend across the world. These homes are spectacular and they have all the facilities you can dream of. With a fleet of hundreds of butlers and servants to take care of the residents and the property. Not just the size, these properties are also very luxurious and they are every man’s dream

Here is the list of top 15 biggest houses in the world in 2018:

15. Bran Castle/House of Dracula, Romania

Bran Castle

The splendid home which once housed the famous bloodsucking monster, Count Dracula, features in the list of the biggest houses in the world in 2018. Located in the countryside of Romania, this house boasts of a wonderful collection of pieces of fine art and exquisite furniture and is used as a museum. It is priced at a whopping $ 135 million.

14. The Manor, LA

The Manor

The Manor is the biggest private property in Los Angeles and houses 123 rooms, in addition to swimming pools, cinema halls, beauty salon and a bowling alley. It also has sprawling gardens and a car parking which can accommodate as many as 100 cars. The chateau-style house is priced at $ 150 million.

13. Updown Court, England

Updown Court

Next on the list of the biggest houses in the world in 2018 is the Californian style Updown Court, in Windlesham village of Surrey in England. Besides having 103 grand rooms, the house boasts of a 58 acre splendid garden, bowling alleys and cinema halls. The price of this house is $ 139 million.

12. The Penthouse, London

The Penthouse

The Penthouse in London is the costliest apartment in the world, which is equipped with some amazing features such as spas, wine tasting room, squash courts,and panic use. Also, the glass used in this house is all bulletproof. It commands a hefty price of $ 200 million.

11. The Pinnacle, Montana, US

The Pinnacle

The next name on this list is that of a ski resort called The Pinnacle in Montana, USA. The house has extraordinary location, in addition to facilities like heated floors, indoor and outdoor pools, wine cellar and bathrooms with fireplaces. The price tag of this beautiful property is a surprising $ 155 million.

10. Franchuk Villa, Kensington, UK

Franchuk Villa

Franchuk Villa is a Victorian mansion in Kensington neighborhood of London, which was once a girls school, but now has been put up for sale, with price going up to $ 161 million. The 3 storied palatial house is equipped with facilities like a cinema hall, gyms and a basement pool.

9. Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills, USA

Hearst Mansion

Featuring next on the list of top 15 biggest houses in the world in 2018 is the spectacular Hearst Mansion located in the best area of California, Beverly Hills. The $ 165 million property has 6 residences, with 29 bedrooms and 3 swimming pools, tennis courts, a nightclub and sprawling gardens spread over 6 hectares.

8. Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons, USA

Fairfield Pond

Fairfield Pond in The Hamptons, USA is a holiday home, which makes the perfect leisure destination for the rich and the famous. The house has as many as 29 bedrooms and 5 tennis courts, along with a private bowling alley. It is worth a whopping $ 170 million.

7. Updown Court – Surrey England

Updown Court – Surrey England

This amazing house has 22 bedrooms along with a total of 27 bathrooms. The house is spread across the area of 50,000 square foot and. Apart from all the luxuries, the house has a movie theater with 50 seater hall. In addition to this, the house doesn’t has just one swimming pool but the house has five swimming pools. The house also has a driveway which can be heated to move away the snow.

6. Villa Leopolda, France

Villa Leopolda

Next among the biggest homes in the world is the private estate called Villa Leopolda, which is located at a beautiful beach in the South of France. Lying amidst 20 acres of private gardens, it has two guest houses, which have 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. The house is priced at an unbelievable $ 506 million.

5. The Manor – Los Angeles, California

The Manor – Los Angeles, California

The house is spread across 5-acre properties and the area of the property is more than the area of thewhite house. In addition to this, the house has about 123 rooms and it includes a cutting-edge technology like humid controlled environment, bowling alley, a dedicated flower cutting room. The approximate value of the house is $ 200 Million and the present resident of the house is Petra Stunt.

4. Palazzo Di Amore – Los Angeles, California

Palazzo Di Amore – Los Angeles, California

The area of this property is about 53,000 square foot and the house is spread along the estate of 25 acres. In addition to this, the house has a very good hillside view along with an amazing vineyard. The vineyard in this property produces 400 and 500 cases of wine every year and this huge house has 23 bathrooms along with 21 bedrooms. The exact worth of this house is not known.

3. Billionaire – Los Angeles, California

Billionaire – Los Angeles, California

The resident of this house is Bruce Makowsky and the house is spread across 28,000 square foot. In addition to this, the property is priced at $ 250 million and the house has 21 bathrooms along with a bowling alley, helipad and infinity pool. The house also has 10 VIP suites which are reserved only for the guests.

2. XANADU 2.0 – Medina, Washington

XANADU 2.0 – Medina, Washington

This is the house of Bill Gates and the house is spread across an area of 66,000 square foot. The house has a private lake, temperature controlled environment and all sort of high-end technology. The house has been installed with many computer screens and the worth of computers itself is $80,000. The guests can even change the artwork in the guesthouse. In addition to this, the house has over 24 bathrooms and a huge library. The house is worth of over $ 124 million.

1. Antilla, Mumbai, India

Antillia Mumbai

Worth an incredible $ 1 billion, Antilla is the home of the Reliance tycoon, Mukesh Ambani. This private family home, which lies in the heart of the city of Mumbai, has 27 storey, with amazing facilities like swimming pools, bars, gyms, yoga studios, a temple and even a private helipad.

All these houses reflect the taste and class of the rich and the famous people who own them. They keep up the standards and lifestyles of their owners.