Top 10 Best Wheat Bread Brand In India With Price

As rice and chapatis were fundamentals of anybodies eating routine in India before that are replaced by bread and bakery items for breakfast. As we are living in ultra fast and modern life, you would avoid staying longer time in kitchen. In that case bread is something that can be eaten without cooking or baking. At the point when our breakfast and snack part is possessed by bread and bakery things, it is particularly critical to pick best quality wheat breads. Wheat bread or wholemeal bread is a kind of bread made utilizing flour that is somewhat or completely processed from whole or nearly whole wheat grains, whole wheat flour and whole grain.

Our Top Picks

Best Wheat Bread Brand In India

It is one sort of brown bread. Listed below are top 10 best wheat bread brands in India with price

10. Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Oroweat 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Orowheat 100% whole wheat bread is made with whole grains, is a decent source of fiber, and each cut adds generous flavor to sandwiches and much more.

9. Wibs Whole Wheat Bread

Wibs Whole Wheat Bread

WIBS whole wheat bread is the main bread mark in Mumbai. It is made of wheat flour, and is in this manner high in starches. A 100 gram serving, as indicated by its mark, has around 69 grams of large macro supplements and fiber. It is available in the packing of 400gm and costs Rs. 30.

8. English Oven Whole Wheat Bread

English Oven Whole Wheat Bread

English Oven Whole Wheat bread is a delicious piece that contains high fiber with malted wheat chips and grain. Delicate, fluffier and yummy in each bite and other than being amazingly softer, the English Oven Whole Wheat Bread is profoundly rich with healthy ingredients and is available at the price of Rs. 45

7. Lluvia Whole Wheat Bread

Lluvia Whole Wheat Bread

Lluvia Bread is 100% whole wheat bread produced using crisp ground whole wheat, frosty squeezed sunflower oil, rock salt as well as yeast. Most importantly the bread has no added substances or additives. It is best eaten fresh with a spoonful of nectar or a little touch of butter. It is available at the price of Rs. 110.

6. Nature’s own wheat bread

Nature’s own wheat bread

On account of the expansion of inulin, a characteristic fiber produced using chicory, a sandwich made with this bread gives no less than 40 percent of the day’s intake of the craving suppressing fiber. It’s likewise a decent source of protein, a supplement not all breads are rich in, which can help you strengthen muscle and keep your digestion system active.

5. Muffets and tuffets Wheat Bread

Muffets and tuffets Wheat Bread

Muffet and tuffet wheat bread is healthy bread with the decency of atta in it also having high fibres and proteins enriched in it. From level breads to puffed ones, they are altogether served under one rooftop. With heaps of flour poured on the spotless surface and the ideal flexibility accomplished by the working, the flavor and the surface is great. And after that, they are prepared and presented with adoration.It comes in a packing of 300 gms which costs Rs. 40.

4. Modern Whole Wheat Bread

Modern Whole Wheat Bread

Fresh bread and an espresso will dependably do incredible as breakfast. Begin your day with delicate and delicious bread from presumed bakers known as Modern. Modern is one of the well known food makers in India. The bread is heated utilizing top quality whole wheat flour and they are prepared in clean conditions. The item contains high measure of natural fiber and the bread is delicious and nutritious in the meantime. The pack weighs 450 gm and is available at the price of Rs. 35.

3. Bonn Atta Whole Wheat Bread

Bonn Atta Whole Wheat Bread

Bonn brand has successfully spended almost three decades in the manufacturing of breads. Bonn Atta wholewheat bread accompanies 100% natural whole wheat flour, rich in fiber and is a piece of a solid eating regimen and advances great wellbeing and prosperity. For the individuals who like eating chapattis can appreciate the premium, crisp and delectable taste of honest to goodness Atta wholewheat bread and is available in 400g packing. The bread is free from cholesterol and trans fatty acid. It is available at the price of Rs. 25.

2. Harvest Gold 100% whole wheat bread

Harvest Gold 100% whole wheat bread

Harvest Gold Bread with Whole Wheat and Wheat Bran is a great source of fiber, proteins, carbs, calcium and vitamins. Enhanced with the minerals and vitamins of the whole wheat flour, it is a fresh and delicious power packed bread and the only thing you required for a speedy breakfast or a yummy snack after school or work, without bargaining the wellbeing of your family.It is available at the price of Rs. 20.

1. Britannia 100% whole wheat bread

Britannia 100% whole wheat bread

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Britannia whole wheat bread is an improved, freshly baked and amazing item with the goal that you can begin your day on a supporting and delightful note.Britannia 100% Whole Wheat Bread is totally a nature based food product of Britannia. It is processed from fantastic, handpicked 100% entire wheat grains. Henceforth the bread is rich in fundamental supplements required by the body. Britannia 100% whole wheat bread is free from artificial colors, trans fat and cholesterol. It is a very good source of fibre. The bread is very delicate and fluffy and can be eaten with choco spread, jam, cheese spread and butter for breakfast. Britannia has earned a top of the line notoriety for itself in the field of bakery producing in the World, over many years. It comes in the packing of 400 gm and costs Rs. 35.

Bread is a staple part of a good dieting design as it is low in fat and one of the best sources of fiber. It is comprised of vitality giving starches, protein, vitamins and minerals. Whole wheat bread additionally gives B vitamins, iron, zinc, antioxidant nutrients and phyto-supplements.

How to Pick a Healthy Bread?

Bread is one of the most common food items that you will be able to find in almost every kitchen or fridge. But are you picking the right bread for you or your family? Most of us have a misconception that the bread that we are choosing is perfect and all are the same. But that is not the right way to pick one. You should be very careful if you want to taste the best and healthy bread. So, here is what you need to consider before buying the bread:

List of ingredients:

The first and foremost thing that can help you pick the best and healthy bread is the list of ingredients. You must of aware that only very few ingredients are required for the making of healthy bread. You will need flour, water, salt, and yeast for the making of bread, and that is all you need to look for. That means the list of ingredients should always be simple. You should always try to avoid bread that has a huge list of ingredients. Anything that is unwanted in the bread can make it unhealthy. Any added sugar or other ingredients is not at all good.

Whole Wheat:

Whenever you are reading the list of ingredients, you will have to make sure that the first ingredient that you find on the list is Whole Wheat. Yes, it is whole wheat that is going to make healthy bread for you. It is good for health and also perfect for those who are planning on losing weight.

Read the label:

You should always read everything that is listed on the bread packet. This will provide you the nutritional information about the bread in that label area. The fiber, sugar, or other nutritional values of the bread will be listed on the label. The bread that you are choosing should contain at least 4 to 5 grams of fiber. Any other values like sugar or salt should be as less as possible. Even if they are zero, that is very good.

No Multigrain bread:

You should never believe in the multigrain claims that are made by many companies. They do not really contain multigrain; even if they do, you are not sure what kind of grains are added to the bread. It is only the wheat bread that is safe for you in all ways.


When buying healthy bread, checking for the contents of fiber is very important. There are many benefits that you will be able to enjoy when you take the right quantity of fiber in your diet. They will keep you fuller for a long time, and it will help in proper digestion, your bowel movement will become normal, and also you can see that there is a good improvement in gut health as well.

So, it is the fiber that you will have to concentrate on when you are looking for the best healthy bread in the market.

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