Top 10 Best Hookah Flavours In India To Taste

Hookah is a concept that emerged during the period of Mughal reign and it is in use even today. Hookah is a pipe that is used to smoke sweetened tobacco. The smell of the tobacco from Hookah appeals to people and make them want to smoke it. Hookah is considered safe compared to the rest of the smoking elements used by the generation today. The best part about Hookah is that it comes in various flavours and people can choose the best flavour that they love. With the popularity of hookah growing with the passing time, many hookah lounges have been opened in different metro cities for the people to get a taste of Hookah. Hookah is also referred as Shisha.

How to choose the best Hookah flavors?

Determining which hookah flavor elevates your guest’s mood can be difficult, but considering the following factors will help you choose the best. These aspects include researching online, fresh tastes, reviews, finding popular flavors, prices, and more.

1. Go to your local tobacco shop

The owner of a local tobacco shop can assist you with which hookah tastes best. In addition, you can ask for the best-selling flavors among hookah smokers.

2. Look for the fruity flavors

Unlike traditional tobacco, which isn’t good for health, the freshly processed fruits offer a healthier and tastier hookah experience in every smoke. Following are the best fruity hookah flavors you should try:

  • Grape

The taste of grapes is sweeter and less strong, after trying it, you will feel the taste of real grapes in every puff. The grape flavor has a nice blend of green and red grapes to give you a refreshing and sweet juicy hookah session. An important quality of this flavor is that it has a longer aroma and taste.

  • Mango

Mango flavor for hookah gives you a heavy smoke cloud and an incredible vibe of pure fruit. This flavoring is ideal for those who love the heavenly and sweet taste of mangoes.

  • Lime Mint

The lime itself as the name provides a calming element while the sensation in the form of hookah flavor makes every hookah experience unforgettable. In addition, it has an airy flavor and a refreshing core of coolness. The best part is that it gives off an excellent minty aroma and taste even though it is not that strong.

  • Watermelon

Watermelon flavor for hookah is an ideal option for all watermelon lovers. It offers a refreshing and sweet taste. Also, it forms a delightful experience while satisfying the cravings of all hookah lovers.

  • Orange

If you are a newbie to hookah, especially with the fruity flavor, out of the citrus category, orange is a perfect choice. It imparts a rich aroma, and fresh orange flavor, and brings your smoking experience to the next level. The taste of oranges can affect the taste in your mouth, and therefore, mixing it with mint notes can make it a unique alternative.

3. Do online research

Sometimes online research will make your selection easy, even in the case of hookah flavor. This way, you can find a variety of flavors and tastes, and choose one to satisfy your hookah craving.

List of Best Hookah Flavours in India:

10. Blueberry Muffin

This hookah flavour gives the taste of wild blueberries in mouth the time it is inhaled in. This flavour is thick and creamy and it melts easily in the mouth. This flavour is a good one and it does not dry up the throat in any way even after taking many puffs of the hookah. It is one of the best flavours of hookah and the aroma can make the entire room filled with pleasant smell. The soothing and mild taste of the hookah makes it worth tasting.

9. Mango

The flavour of mango offers a sweet yet tangy taste of hookah and it is different from all the rest. The delicious punch flavour leaves a tart taste after the hookah is puff out. The mango tobaccos are a famous in the region of South America and it is famous in all the parts of the world. The smoke gets a thickness when it is puffed in. People who have a love for sweet things should try out the mango-flavoured hookahs, as they will love the taste of these too.

8. Orange

One can get the taste of tartness of the oranges to the extreme in this hookah flavour. The taste of the oranges can get intense at times and the same can be reduced with the intake of mint to get a balanced taste. The smoke gets rich and one feels fresh and lively after they have taken a puff from the hookah. However, the orange- flavoured tobaccos should not be taken in extreme as the taste can get faded away.

7. Grapes

The taste of fresh grapes is what one gets when they smoke a grape flavoured hookah. Red, black and green grapes make up for the grape hookah. The best way to try them is by having mint and cold water at the same time. The essence of grape should be kept longer in the mouth and it will make you want for more. A large amount of smoke is created and the smell is simply superb. The grape hookah is a delightful experience.

6. Al Fakher Mint

Mint is one of those items that can be mixed with nearly any flavour and the best one is the taste of Al Fakher Mint. The hookah flavour gives a refreshing and cool effect with each puff that you take out. The taste of fresh mint is experimented in this hookah flavour. The finish of the taste is cooler or some might also get a stronger effect with every taste of the Al Fakher Hookah.

5. Nakhla Double Apple

The term refers to two apples and it is the second most soughed hookah flavour after the mint one. This flavour is famous among the traditional hookah smokers and one is sure to get the same taste, which has been a recipe for decades. The Double apple flavour is a mix of anise and apple. The nice light apple flavour in the end makes it a classic hookah flavour.

4. Pan rasna

This original taste of pan cannot be substituted for those who are in love with pan. The taste of Rasna is anyway refreshing and it can come in cherry, blueberry, and many different fruit flavours. This particular flavour of hookah is sweet and the smell that it leaves behind is amazing. It helps in reviving the mind and makes it feel fresh. A single flavour is enough but the adding of mint makes it more worthwhile to have it.

3. Bubble Gum

Bubble gums were loved by us during kids and even until today, when one thinks of bubble gum they sure want to get a taste of it. The smell and taste of the bubble gum flavour is quite enticing and it helps in creating a discrete taste, which stays in the mouth for a long period. When one smokes the bubble gum flavour, they are sure to get a candy trace. According to scents, this is by far the best flavour of hookah.

2. Star buzz Blue mist

This is a new shisha flavour for the first time hookah smokers. The Star buzz blue mist taste like coca cola in the mouth and this flavour is present in every part wherever you go. It is a mix of blueberry and mint, which makes it sweet and refreshing at the same time. Blue mist is the perfect flavour for those who are new into the world of hookah.

1. Starbuzz Private’s cave

This is a sweet and candy flavour hookah which is a mixture of lemon lime soda and hard candy. It gives the taste of traditional fruit flavours and this flavour is perfect for those who are into the world of hookah for the first time.

These are some of the great flavours of Hookah. Choose for the best one yourself!

Hookah Flavours FAQs

Q. How are hookah flavors used?

Ans: Hookah flavors are typically used by placing them in the bowl of a hookah pipe. The flavored tobacco is heated by charcoal, and the resulting smoke is inhaled through a hose after passing through water in the base.

Q. Are there nicotine-free hookah flavors?

Ans: Yes, there are nicotine-free hookah flavors available, often referred to as herbal or tobacco-free shisha. These options use herbs, fruits, and molasses instead of tobacco, making them a choice for those who wish to avoid nicotine.

Q. Are hookah flavors safe?

Ans: Hookah smoking, even with flavored tobacco, carries health risks similar to traditional cigarette smoking. The smoke contains harmful chemicals and carcinogens. It is not a safe alternative to other forms of tobacco use.

Q. Can you mix hookah flavors?

Ans: Yes, many hookah enthusiasts enjoy mixing different flavors to create unique combinations. Mixing flavors can be a fun way to experiment and discover new taste experiences.

Q. How should hookah flavors be stored?

Ans: Hookah flavors should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity. Seal the packaging tightly to prevent the flavors from drying out or losing their aroma.

Q. Can hookah flavors expire?

Ans: Yes, hookah flavors can expire over time, and their quality may deteriorate. Check the packaging for an expiration date, and if the flavor has passed its shelf life, it’s best to replace it with a fresh one.

Q. Can hookah flavors be used in e-cigarettes or vapes?

Ans: No, hookah flavors are designed specifically for use in hookah pipes and are not suitable for use in e-cigarettes or vapes. Different types of liquids are used in vaping devices.

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