Top 10 Best Thermos Flasks in India With Price 2018

It’s our very nature to seek thermal comfort. We tend to go for hot in cold and towards cold in hot. And why wouldn’t it be so. After all, balance is the key to our survival. In order to help us strike this balance in our everyday lives engineers have created an amazing device cum container called Thermos Flask.

Thermos Flasks have a vacuum insulation property that preserves the temperature of beverages and liquids that they hold. There are hundreds of companies that manufacture these flasks.

So, here we compiled a list of Top 10 Best Thermos Flasks in India. They have been arranged according to their popularity in sale.

10. Zafos Pexpo Glossy Black-1000ml

Zafos Pexpo Glossy Black

Featuring a gorgeous design, the Zafos Thermos Flask Bottle has an excellent temperature retention quality. It comes with a silver steel opener and glossy coloured body that makes it just perfect to carry on your sports meets or kitty parties. Fabricated with 304 Grade Stainless Steel, the double lining prevents condensation on the outer body keeping your hands and clothes dry.

Brand: Zafos
Capacity: 1 litre
Features: Spill Proof mouth, Rust free
Price: Rs. 879/-

9. Solimo Thermosteel Flask, 1000ml, Silver

Solimo Thermosteel Flask

So, the next year when you travel by Volvo, you won’t have to purchase any water bottles or tea cups on the way. The Solimo Thermosteel Flask packs away all your hassles in a corner of your bag. The flask comprises of a twist round cap that also serves as a cup at times. Its wide mouth is designed to easily accommodate ice cubes.

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Brand: Solimo
Capacity: 1000ml
Features: Anti-drip Lid, Belted Nylon Cover
Price: Rs. 619/-

8. Cello Senorita Vacuum Flask, 1 Litre, Burgundy

Cello Senorita Vacuum Flask, 1 Litre, Burgundy

Especially if you run a café or a guest house, this Cello Vacuum Flask is just perfect. It consists of a plastic surface lined with durable glass interiors and a C-handle for easy pouring. Beaded Shell type cork lid opens to a spout that enables the pouring of liquid without spilling it either ways. The glossy burgundy surface of the flask adds to its luxurious appeal.

Brand: Cello
Capacity: 1 litre
Features: Anti Spill Mechanism, Toxin-free
Price: Rs. 300/-

7. Cello Sensation Belt Flask, 1 Litre, Brown

Cello Sensation Belt Flask, 1 Litre, Brown

Now gift your child with this belted flask bottle. Its double lining of plastic and glass keeps the liquid warm for 4 hours and cold up to 5 hrs. The flask also accommodates a retractable matching belt for easy carrying. The dual purpose lid serves both as lid and a cup. Apart from its creative surface design, the bottle is available in blue, brown and white, that your kid will love to carry to his school.

Brand: Cello
Capacity: 1 litre
Features: Durable Break-Resistant Glass, anti-leach and Non-Toxic Plastic
Price: Rs. 321/-

6. Milton Thermosteel Flip Lid 1000ml Silver Flask

Milton Thermosteel Flip Lid Flask, 1000ml, Silver (EC-TMS-FIS-0058_Silver)

This thermos is a product of Milton’s range of superior quality Thermo steel bottles. It comes with a Press-and-sip lid that also serves as a cup for juice or a tumbler of hot chocolate. Also, you can drink directly from the thermos. So, don’t you think your next picnic or that family get together will be incomplete without this amazing flask cum bottle.

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Brand: Milton
Capacity: 1 litre
Features: Drip Resistant, Rust Proof Steel
Price: Rs. 734/-

5. Milton Thermosteel Duo Deluxe 1L

Milton Thermosteel Duo Deluxe, 1L (EC-TMS-FIS-0019_STEELPLAINCO)

Stay hydrated in summers and cosy warm in winters with this deluxe thermal bottle from Milton. It comes in a wide range of colours including pink, purple, red, grey, silver and multicolour. Its cola shaped shoulders with bumps at the seat enable even more strength and stability. Due to its high heat retention, the bottle is great both for warm espresso or chilled ice tea.

Brand: Milton
Capacity: 1 litre
Features: Pure Stainless Steel Fabrication
Price: Rs. 855/-

4. Milton Thermosteel Crown 600 Flask, 500ml, Silver

Milton Thermosteel Crown 600 Flask, 500ml, Silver

Your body demands hydration, but why let it fall in way of your passion towards sports. This Milton Thermo steel Crown 600 Flask keeps you hydrated and fresh all day. It comes with an insulated steel flask and a transparent shell-like sipper lid, that is available in shades of orange, blue and purple. Its compact body can easily fit in the side pocket of your bag and looks classy too.

Brand: Milton
Capacity: 500ml
Features: 100% Rust Free Steel, Temperature retention mechanism
Price: Rs. 510/-

3. Milton Thermosteel Flask, 350ml (EC-TMS-FIS-0044_STEEL)

Milton Thermosteel Flask, 350ml (EC-TMS-FIS-0044 STEEL)

Featuring a Press-n-Pour Cap, this Milton Steel Flask has been fabricated intricately with 18/8 Quality Stainless Steel. Its fully insulated vacuum interiors keep the liquid hot up to 18hrs and cold up to 24 hrs. The bullet shaped cap also serves as a drinking cup.

Brand: Milton
Capacity: 350ml
Features: 100% Rust Free, 100% Leak Resistant
Price: Rs. 490/-

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2. Cello Lifestyle Stainless Steel Flask, 1000ml

Cello Lifestyle Stainless Steel Flask, 1000ml

With this Cello Lifestyle Flask, carry green tea or coffee at your office in style. It features a dispenser that is walled twice for enhanced heat retention along with preserving the flavour and freshness of your beverage. The silver Stainless steel surface emanates an elegance that makes the flask to keep on your desk.

Brand: Cello
Capacity: 1000ml
Features: 100% leak proof, Odourless, Stain Resistant
Price: Rs. 699

1. Milton Thermosteel Carafe, 2 L (EC-TMS-FIS-0041_STEEL)

Milton Thermosteel Carafe, 2 L (EC-TMS-FIS-0041_STEEL)

What’s better than a compact thermos that serves both as your refrigerator and as the coffee maker as you require. This Thermo steel carafe from Milton is truly a brilliant invention of Thermodynamics Engineers. It enables you to keep chilled rose sherbat or hot coffee without hampering its temperature for hours, even if your guests show up late for hours! The carafe is easy to clean inside out with a mild dishwasher.

Brand: Milton
Capacity: 2L
Features: Excellent Heat Retention Mechanism
Price: Rs. 1382/-