Top 10 Best Shoe Brands for Men in India

These days, Indian men have become brand conscious and opt for nothing but the best, whether it is about clothing, footwear or accessories. The Indian shoe market is at present, flooded with a number of local and international brands, some of which are enjoying great popularity due to their quality and designing.

Here are top 10 shoe brands for men in India:

10. Fila

One of the most popular shoe brands for men in India is the South Korea based brand Fila, which was originally founded in Italy. Fila is also a leading name in case of sportswear and accessories and operates mostly through online stores, rather than retail outlets.

9. Adidas

Adidas is another best selling shoe brand for men in India in 2015, which is acclaimed globally for its quality, comfort and style. The brand is known for pioneering the original soccer shoes with studs and is today a preferred brand for sport shoes for men, women and juniors, around the world.

8. Puma

Another global leader among footwear brands for men is Puma, which was launched in India in 2005 and has made an ardent customer base since the. Puma sells its footwear, accessories and merchandise through online stores as well as retail outlets all over the country.

7. Action

Action is a leading manufacturer of shoe brands for men, women and children in India and has been a top name in this segment for the past three decades. It showcases a number of products under brand names like Flotter, Milano, Campus, Fun Time, Micro, Mausam and Synergy.

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6. Nike

The American brand Nike is another hot favorite shoe brand for men in India in 2015 and is the best choice for those who are ready to shell out a hefty sum for buying footwear. Nike has retail outlets in Metros as well as big cities, where the spending capacity of the population is high and is a successful brand because of its durability and style.

5. Reebok

Next on this list is the global brand Reebok, which is a renowned manufacturer of sports and lifestyle merchandise. Reebok is a name associated with several international celebrity sportspersons, which makes it even more popular. It is also appreciated for its quality, original designing and fashion.

4. Lee Cooper

Featuring next on the list of top 10 shoe brands for men in India in 2015 is the British brand Lee Cooper, which showcases its apparels, accessories and footwear in over 70 countries around the globe. Lee Cooper shoes are available at online stress as well as exclusive retail outlets. It showcases a great variety in leather shoes, sandals and flipflops.

3. Woodland

Woodland is a youth oriented shoe brand, which deals in footwear, apparels and leather accessories such as belts, wallets and bags. Woodland is the name which strikes you if you are looking for tough and durable shoes, meant for rough weather and terrain. It has brand outlets in all major cities of India.

2. Liberty

One of the most trusted brands of shoes for men, women and children in India is Liberty, which has a reputed track record of over 50 years in the market. The brand has made its mark all over the world, with hundred of exclusive outlets in more than 25 countries. This ISO certified company has a number of ranges coming at affordable prices.

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1. Bata

Bata is the Indian shoe brand which stands for trust as it is one of the oldest shoe brands in the country, founded in 1931. The Batanagar manufacturing plant boasts of its unique facilities, besides being the first one in the country to be given an ISO certification.

Some other popular shoe brands for men in India in 2015 are Red Tape, Florsheim, Lotto, Valentino, Lanvcer, Relaxo, Converse and Paragon. All these brands have registered outstanding sales figures in the past few years.