Top 10 Best Qualities of a Good Friend

After your family, your friends are the most important people in your life. True friends are those on whom you can lean onto at the time of need, who will always give you the right advice and stand by you, no matter how tough the going gets. A valued friendship is the one which lasts for a lifetime and stands on the foundation of trust, mutual understanding and eternal faith. What makes this bond more special is that you have the power to choose your friends and keep them in your circle or get away from them, as time shows their true feelings and attitude towards you. There are some qualities that a true friend must possess to make the bond lasting and strong.

Here are top 10 good qualities of a best friend:

1. Honesty

The most important quality of a best friend is honesty, which means that he will always be truthful in his advice and opinion and never put you on the wrong path, whatever the consequences may be. His honesty may hurt you at the moment, but it will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

2. Commitment

Commitment is something which makes a relationship last, and this applies to friendship too. A true friend is the one who is committed to maintaining his relationship and keeping it intact, however adverse the situation may be.

3. Trustworthiness

A best friend is someone who can be trusted whether the times are good or bad. They have the ability to keep secrets and maintain the trust of their friends, without disclosing things to a third person if the friends decide it that way.

4. Understanding

Next among the qualities of a best friend is that he should be understanding and reason out behind everything his friend does. Such a person is always willing and able to put himself in other person’s shoes and make out why he has acted the way he has.

5. Must Give Space

Like all other relationships, friendship demands space too. Therefore, a true friend is the one who does not stifle the other person with his unreasonable demands and expectations, rather gives him the freedom to enjoy his space.

6. Good Listener

Another quality of a best friend is that he must be a good listener and ready to lend a sympathetic ear to whatever the other one has to say, without forcing his opinion or advice, unless asked for.

7. Forgiving

Forgiveness is another essential factor for a lasting bond of friendship. Therefore, one needs to inculcate in oneself, the ability to forgive and forget is one wants to maintain healthy friendship over the years.

8. Respectful

A best friend is one who is respectful towards his friend and pays heed to all his thoughts and actions. He does not make efforts to let the other person down, rather tries to uplift him in the eyes of other people.

9. Supporting

To be a good friend, one needs to be supportive and stand by the side of his friends through thick and thin. In case a person feels that his friend is doing something wrong, he can try and convince him in a subtle manner, without being too assertive.

10. Thoughtful

Thoughtfulness and caring are the keys to a positive and friendly relationship and friends need to care for each other to foster a deep friendhip.

To be a best friend and maintain a lifelong relationship is not a piece of cake, but a little understanding, patience and a lot of trust can definitely help you cement this lovely bond.

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