Top 10 Best Places for Road Trips in India

Road trips when taken with the friends or family are just exciting and are always an experience. There are many places in the country, where one can go for the road trips. These places are all- beautiful and should be visited at least once in the lifetime. If you love to drive then these places are for you. You must surely go for these road trips and you will fall in love with these places. They are so gorgeous and thrilling that makes one come again and again.  Here is a list of ten best places for road trips in India.

10. Old Silk Route

Old Silk Route

The old Silk Route is one of the best places for the road trips in India. The old Silk Route is an antiquated bumpy street that used to interface Lhasa in Tibet by means of the Jelep La Pass to India. You would leave a piece of yourself in the uncommon conjunction of characteristic magnificence and history of human progress, which would make you, need to visit the place over and over.

9. Puri to Konark

Puri to Konark is an exciting road trip and also very surreal as the roads have tress on both the sides which looks very dramatic. It is also one of the most beautiful places to click some brilliant pictures because of the drama. The distance it covers is 36 kilometers. It is one such road that should be travelled.

8. The Mumbai – Pune Expressway

This is one of the most beautiful expressways, and if you love to drive, then this is the place for you. It is around 93 kilometers and takes 3 hours. The beautiful four lane roads, surrounded by mountains and the climate is always pleasant here.

7. KalyanNirmal Highway

Kalyannirmal highway is amongst the most beautiful roads that one can witness. It runs along the states of Maharashtra and Telangana. The road is little dangerous at night hours, but during the day it is beautiful.

6. Bangalore to Bandipur Forest

This is one beautiful road and one must surely take a trip to this road once in their lifetime. The place also has a lot of eateries and other points alongside, which keeps you filled. It is around 230 kilometers and takes five hours. The road has lush green trees and is very beautiful.

5. Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo and Nathu-La Pass

This is one the most beautiful places to take a road trip on. one must surely  take a road trip on these roads once in their life time. It is a 55-kilometer stretch. The roads are gorgeous, and the place just looks like a painting.

4. Shimla to Manali Road

This is amongst the most beautiful roads that one must witness once in their lifetime. It is a 250-kilometer stretch and it is the one of the best places for the road trips. It is beautiful and also relaxing at the same time.

3. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

This is a beautiful road and one must surely travel here once in their lifetime. The distance of this road is 116 kilometer.  It is a very beautiful road.  The place also covers various other places like Borra caves, and tatipudiresvoir on its way. It is a damn beautiful place.

2. Guwahati to Tawang

Guwahati to Tawang is amongst the top places, where one can take a road trip. It is a beautiful road and should be visited once in a lifetime. It is a 250 kilometer distance and it takes approximately 10 hours to cover the distance.

1. Manali to Leh Highway

Manali to Leh Highway

Manali to Leh highway is the most beautiful road in the country.  The place is beautiful and is covered with the mountains and snow. The distance covered is 480 kilometers and it takes 2 days approximately considering all the rests and stops that you take in the between. It is one such place that everyone should visit once in their life.

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