Top 10 Best Pasta Machines In India With Price

In India there are many people who love Italian food and one of the delights of is its diversity. If there is one ingredient that sums up the essence of Italian cooking, it must surely be pasta, that wonderfully simple and nutritious staple that can be formed into an almost infinite variety of shapes and sizes. The different sizes and shapes of this Italian ingredient entertains craze for pasta. The genius minds have made it possible through the invention of pasta machines. Pasta opens up to a fascinating introduction to the background of Italian cooking. Life without steaming bowl of fresh pasta may not be worth living and superiority level don’t get much higher than when you have rolled out the shapes yourself. Apart from these stuffs, people should give priority to the type of pasta maker they are using and does the pasta maker suits to the type of pasta they need to have for their meal or not. After the selection of the pasta shape is done, it is important to decide how much effort you are willing to put for the formation of desired shape and size of the pasta. When the desirable pasta maker is with the individuals, take a look through the additional accessories provided so that a final decision is made. Pasta machines provides a simple solution to those who are crazy pasta lovers or those who choose who want to totally eliminate unhealthy chemicals that are being send to store after packing for the purpose of preservation.

The machines methods of production vary from machine to machine, giving you different models to achieve the type of pasta each individual desire. Nowadays there is a lot of craze among Indians to make pasta, slowly they are replacing noodles with pasta in their Tiffin. Those already tasted pasta in restaurants or buy pasta from store to make in their home comes with different preservatives which is not good for health. So there is good news for you, now you can make pasta yourself using best pasta machine brands easily and it’s healthy and fresh.

Let’s take a short review of 10 best pasta machines in India..

10. CucinaPro (90) Imperia Pasta Maker

It is a versatile pasta maker machine made in Italy. It rolls dough for spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna etc. and cuts the large sheets in required shape, provided with double cutter accessory setting which allows choosing the width of the pasta noodles. It has 2 years warranty. The price is Rs. 4,011

9. Cucinapro (150) Imperia Pasta Maker

Cucinapro (150) Imperia Pasta Maker

This pasta roller lets you make the best ever pasta you have tasted at home. If we are thinking to make pasta at home with imperia pasta maker then, this is the perfect model to go for. It is an Italy made machine provided with easy- lock adjustment dial, wood grip handle which simplifies the dough roll out. Hence, long lasting and additional attachments available. The price is Rs. 3,128.

8. Metro Italian Style Pasta Maker

Metro Italian Style Pasta Maker

This maker made in china is the best one to choose for rolling out perfect pasta sheets. It consists of adjustable roller, facility to multiple the thicknesses, provided with double cutter, C-clamp to attach pasta machine to a counter top. The price is Rs. 1,360.

7. Weston Traditional Pasta Machine

Weston Traditional Pasta Machine

Weston provides a better quality of living for home. It provides adjustable rollers for multiple thickness setting, double cutting head for fettuccini and spaghetti, c-clamp to attach pasta machine to a counter top. It has a motor attachment for pasta maker with an addition for sauce maker. It is very easy to use with an On/Off speed switch button. It provides limited 1 year warranty from the manufactures end.The price is Rs. 3,975.

6. Premium Pasta Maker

Premium Pasta Maker

It is a model of strong stainless steel, advanced with ABS Plastic frame. Easy to roll and cut pasta, spaghetti, fettuccine. Advanced with preferable thickness. This model provides 100% guarantee. The price is Rs. 4090.

5. Meglio AEPM01 Pro Traditional Style Pasta Maker

Meglio AEPM01 Pro Traditional Style Pasta Maker

It is a heavy duty machine with stainless steel construction. It has adjustable roller for thickness, perfect roll out, and slices dough. It Makes spaghetti, lasagna, and ravioli. Includes a C-clamp for the purpose of fastening the machine securely to tables. It is an easy roll out process and slices dough. The price is Rs. 1705.

4. Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster Pasta maker

Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster Pasta maker

It provides a specialty of making 3 pounds of pasta within 20 mins. Henceforth, provided with safety applications which requires mixing bowl and cover is to be surely placed for operation. The limited warranty is of 1 year. The price is Rs. 17,118.

3. Atlas Marcato Red Pasta Machine

Atlas Marcato Red Pasta Machine

A versatile Italian machine simple to use with additional attachments that helps in creating 15 different types of pasta sheets, provided with specialized rollers. Limited warranty is of 3 years. The price for this model is Rs. 6,815

2. Kitchen Aid KPRA Pasta Roller: It is an

Kitchen Aid KPRA Pasta Roller: It is an

Italy made product. It consists of Stainless steel pasta roller and cutter for smooth rolling and perfect cutting process. The use makes the work more easy and quick. The price is Rs. 12,615.

1. Atlas Marcato Multipast Pasta machine

 Atlas Marcato Multipast Pasta machine

Here comes the number one pasta machine in the market which is quite versatile. It is a clamp model hence, hand operated. There are super nine different thickness settings, flat rollers for dough sheets, easily removable cutting plates. However, provided with a rolling wheel cutter and spoon for the raviolini attachment. The price is Rs. 18,212.

Therefore, this is the perfect time to choose your best option from the top 10 list of the pasta machine. As this Italian staple comes with so many attachments it is a perfect and the best way to make your day pasta delicious.

Buying these pasta machines will surely change your life styles to a great extent.